Friday, July 28, 2023

watching paint dry and embellishing quilt blocks


I'm struggling with physical challenges but wanted to feel normal... know what I mean? Feeling normal means painting, writing and quilt making to me... so this in a nutshell is what was made this week. 

mostly in pictures.... can't be at computer for long but connecting with my art peeps keeps me feeling human. 

Love my metallic watercolor set from fine-tec
I did two icads this week,  small artwork on a 4" X 5" index card, the first prompt was wabi-sabi, a Japanese term that sort of means imperfection, impermanence, are to be valued... if you repair an item, make it noticeable... so I drew then painted a vase, then "broke it"

I write thoughts on the backs

the next ICAD prompt I attempted was "Bird" 

torn bits of trash printed paper collaged to the card

the back of the card

finished card with ink sketch

learning to draw a bird on a watercolor painting

3 recent paper pieced blocks

belt seems a bit blah

RSC scrap color this month is Red... I made a dress from the book paper pieced home... definitely not my favorite paper piecing as it has too many angles, and isn't printed with seam allowances between sections of which there are lots in a small block. But. I like her mid-century vibe a lot. 

I added a cute button to the dress, and wish I had a dress like that now. The tote has some iron on sequins and I'm going to sew those flower buttons on. I would like a tote in turquoise and pink, those scraps are from fave fabrics

the undecorated tote, two sections had to be joined with a Y seam, OMG

I finished this big quilt's binding sewn by hand this week, sitting watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix trying to distract myself from pain...

I pulled out a hand sewing UFO too.... for that distraction element, and am working away at the final tumbling blocks to the whole thing, 

there is a lot of the day in 24 hours.... I am phobic about hospitals, and doctors and have had so many the past month, that my nerves are frayed, and I suspect the adage God won't give you more than you can handle is wrong. I am beyond emotionally broken... barely functional, find I want to stay in bed to avoid life. Ever felt like that? There is no answer yet, no relief yet, but one step in front of the other. 

I make art, because I need to 

thank you for listening, and all your prayers, you all have been the bright lights for me this week

Love, LeeAnna

design wall Mondays at smallquiltsanddollquilts 

finished or not

Thursday, July 27, 2023

I Like Thursday # 360 a short list


a close up of the painting
For this week's list of likes.... I started with my only painting this week. I wanted to learn to sketch birds by creativecove, and decided to sketch them on top of a painting of flowers like lisianthus. 

When dh and I were courting, he lived in MA and I lived in Fl... he regularly sent me flowers, lisianthus because I fell in love with them up north. 

I tried two birds, and on my own tried a praying mantis and a hummer, 

I'll include in this week's post, a vascular surgeon, an MRI to rule out bone infection, and a podiatrist who all saw me on short notice, fitting me in. Thank you for prayers. I am only a little closer to healing now that each one has done their best but if you have a prayer left in you, I need God's healing to avoid surgery still.... another week then another visit and reevaluation to come, and another week on two antibiotics at once.... my poor stomach. 

dh and I missed our anniversary with all the struggles, now married 29 years. and my extreme crankiness is temporary hon.... and my husband takes his marriage vows seriously.... in sickness and in health....

anyway, I try to distract myself from worry with TV 

Netflix Grace and Frankie, Outlander, Firefly lane, and silly summer show on peacock Love Island

I'm also loving the new version of Real housewives of NY fun people, on Bravo. 

Books on audio and ebooks 

looking at my pretty boy Milo

I look good right? I like my new haircut, thank you pawrents especially Mama who sees me as one of her art projects, BOL!

my outside toy box is now full of not-poodle-approved toys 

I've been left home alone 4 times this week.... I smell something is going on with Mama but I can't seem to help her....

here she is feeding me on the back patio... my preferred way of dining. That white thing on my ear is a sun spot on the camera, I look paw-fect

I do like to lie on the big bed with her when she needs to have a rest, she's not sleeping well which wakes me up but I go back to sleep.

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Thursday, July 20, 2023

I Like Thursday # 359



it's I Like   Thursday again, I'm here to give you the list of people, and I'm still seeking medical care in Colorado.... no help yet but I hope to have an appt with a vascular surgeon today.... send prayers please. Seems like I need a miracle. 

I sewed one day this week, to feel normal. Only enough to do this paper pieced block with red scraps but it felt good.

sort of chicken scratch print

this wildflower popped up in our patio pot this week, What is it? 

 found this reminder of the 1964 world's fair I attended when I was a leeeetle girl...

I remember a lot of it, clairol had rotating seats that showed your face with lots of hair colors and styles, I remember the big tire ride, It's a small world, Riding cars around in a monorail, the clean feel of the park, the big globe, the food and atmosphere of cooperation around the world making the future great... 

It was the first time I saw different cultural clothing, tasted different cultural foods, and saw so many people. I loved it. Magical!

more of the fair, and the world stage at the time, showing lots of footage and what happened to the displays after

 Mama is in such pain, and worry, I am trying to stay near her, I know she needs me.... 

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