Friday, July 26, 2013

Something from nothing

Pier  9" X 13"  2013
 My sewing friends know I love scraps so they give me the bits they would have thrown away.
I love scraps so much, so much that I will fill a book with how much I love scraps. My bins are overfull at the moment, so it's time to make something with them again.
The Pier piece above, came from someone's little strips. I started sewing them together, and they started looking like a pier so I went with it.
If I decide to make an abstract piece, I usually like to see something representational in it. Then it grows.
This time I saw a pier with a shack on it emerging.
The embellishment says "Reality has limits Imagination is boundless"

Reality has limits Imagination is boundless
That's what I think!! Reality is overrated.( Like parallel hair, what's so great about brushing one's hair anyway?? )I have an abstract nature series going, made from tiny leftovers and hope to turn it into a show when I have enough pieces. There are enough finished to see a terrific grouping but more to make.
The hope was to sell them. I have a hard time letting go of my work and thought if I made them to sell, it would be easier. I'll be able to sell Pier. I will.
 I'm now attached to many of the others.
  I admire  "process people" who are done with a piece when the binding goes on. While I love the process & need to make, I love the final quilts even more.
What about you?
ps please look at the post from yesterday. Tell me what you think of that bark! Is it from a Sycamore Tree?  .