Friday, April 3, 2020

watching paint dry

If it's Friday, it's all about paint! And drawing lessons for me!
Sketchbook revival has saved my sanity. I learn something from each teacher, especially from Tamara LaPorte who taught me to draw little villages last year. This year it was expressive birds.
I love the colors, the free way we approached painting them, and the details I added.

I paint a little portrait of the teacher on each sketchbook page, and put their names the lesson title and today's date. I keep notes to help me do it again after the lessons go away. Click on images to enlarge.

On this one, I put painted toenails, a pearl necklace with pendant, a scarf, tiara, words like "shine" and "truth" near her mouth... truth and facts are very important to me.

I am very behind on the lessons but I am now doing two a day. I also took advantage of Amber Bonicci's (from Hawaii) extra lessons, combining spirituality (meditation) and art. They were intense and she asked a lot of hard questions to lead us to self awareness

 How do you approach coloring in an image? I felt very free to use pencil to texture and blend, to add my own words and meaning.

In this lesson we learned 5 ways  to add whimsical words to your paintings
In this one we learned to draw illustrated bunnies
how to draw cartoons from real life... and how to imply movement

this architect taught us how they approach drawing, and how to loosen up your whole arm to draw from any angle... how trees can be implied and rocks, etc. So cool. Also a little challenging to sketch a man... what makes someone look male or female?? I think he came out okay. 

 This person had us do large sweeping curving lines. Then fill each one with a different texture.

I have magazine pages, napkins, stamps made from TP cardboard centers, and inking.

Her technique was like my quilting.
I liked putting gluestick inside the lines, pressing paper on, then tearing away the excess.

 While learning to paint food, I learned how to paint white items, and reflective surfaces too

so much to learn....
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  1. owl-la-la! that is super beautiful!!!

  2. Love especially your wonderful owl🦉
    Take care happy PPF ♥️

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    a little portrait,name and info ...what a great idea!
    Very creative work today!

  4. The eyes on your owl were especially wonderful. And your use of color.

  5. Hi LeeAnna :)) Oh I love the owl!!! Very well done, and thank you for mentioning the sketchbook revival! I just looked it up and it's looks interesting! I"m going to check it out. I could use some more lessons these days too. I love your bunnies, especially the one jumping/running, you surely got the movement!!! :)

  6. I adore your sweet owl-I'd recognize Tam Laporte's inspiration anywhere:) Happy PPF!

  7. I love your drawings! Your sketchbooks are so alive and fun-you are inspiring!

  8. very sweethow sweetly you painted the owl
    oh these are wonderful drawings!
    Greetings Elke

  9. Wow, you are really good with these lessons! I signed up too but have barely wached two lessons up till now, and not tried out any. They're all so different, I can't even pick a favorite. Although that cute little bird comes close. But I also like what you did with sketch like an architect. I really need to go watch that lesson. Great idea to paint a portrait of the teachers, and to add some key notes. Happy PPF and stay sane ;-)

  10. The owl is so sweet Leeanne very true to Tam's style, last year I was gifted Lifebook 2019 and did non of the lessons so they are all just waiting for me to take a look at them. There are so many creatives giving their time and sharing free classes right now we are all spoilt for choice, we creatives can really embrace this extra time on our hands right now.
    Take very good care of yourself & Happy PPF Tracey.

  11. Wow - I just love your cute bird ❤︎ Have a beautiful weekend - take care!

  12. Still trying to find my artistic muse but you've shown me it can be anything, anywhere. Thanks!

  13. What a wonderful owl! Your talent is really developing. When I looked at the sketch of the sweeping curves filled with different textures, I thought it could be used as a model for a practice piece for free motion quilting, where each section would be filled in with a different motif. A little more interesting than just practicing on a muslin quilt sandwich.
    Keeping busy is important (oh, if only I could follow my own advice.).

  14. Love the owl, great vibrant colours.

  15. Wow you are truly learning a lot and thank you for sharing it with us. That owl is amazing! Glad you are keeping busy. Be Safe and Elbow hugs.