Thursday, April 9, 2020

I Like Thursday # 188

Suze's chair(c) Suze Huie
Welcome to this week's list of likes. I'm gonna come up with something... let's see
I talked to a long time friend who lives in FL this week. She is an artist but her passion is fostering kittens. She Recovered this old chair with stuffed toys, see her cat lying in the seat? they're all stitched down!

see  why I love her so much?

we had another snow/ice storm last week, and we noticed this frozen spiderweb on a bush

frozen spiderweb
I like that dh can work from home two days a week now. He's quietly sequestered in a closed home office, but he's here and I'm not alone.

I have learned so much on sketchbook revival this week. I can put down my anxiety usually for the time it takes to paint a lesson. More about those tomorrow, but the teachers are very emotion based this time, and several are leading us through self awareness and self expression while learning techniques. Not what I expected to learn, so much better.
Amber sent this out to color before the prayer time

One teacher, Amber K.  Bonicci gave an extra free course which I signed up for, and she sends out lovely emails like the one saying there was a world wide prayer going on last Saturday night all of us praying at the same moment, for world wide healing.
 I like mood enhancers like Lindt truffles on the counter in a pretty cup

We are cooking all the time now, and made a good dish last night, no pics. Turkey tenderloins, simmered in a sauce of mango dressing, olive oil, minced garlic and minced ginger, and cooking sherry. It was so good on brown rice, and yes we were very lucky to find rice this time at the store.

we wondered why there are shortages when people are eating out less frequently. DH read that businesses that supply restaurants package food in enormous sizes and they aren't set up to package all of that in smaller packages yet.

You know I love a cow... OMG this one wants to come inside and be a lap cow

I like the classes I took on Blueprint this week
There was one on using precuts by Angela Pingle and disappearing blocks
One on embroidery I loved, actually basics, then beyond the basics with Myra Wood
A quilting class on WordPlay by Sarah Felke (that was just okay)

They are free (as advertising) right now, but you can't access the patterns or handouts

I loved this song's message on Sunday's post
come on already, I'm dressed and waiting to walk!!

Milo's Moments
Hi y'all, are your human/s faces looking weird now? When we go for a walk their faces are behind fabric... is it because my mama likes to sew or is this happening to your humans?

Guess what I can count.
 Yep "one treat two treat three treat" "Mama gives me three treats in a row on walks!"
Milo: Heyyyyyy where are my other two treats?
Mama: Milo I gave you one treat and that other dog one treat, isn't that fair? This time?"
Milo: "no you give me one- treat two- treat three- treat"
Mama:"okay then here is treat two"
Milo: "Um, Mama, now that's one- treat, so I gets two more"
Mama: " you already had one!"
 Milo: "it starts over after you give one to some other dog." long-suffering sigh...
Mama: this is officially the worst version of "who's on first? no, who's on second" ever

abbot and costello version:
now please enjoy these other people sharing lists of their own for the week!



  1. It's nice to see that Scout is not the only snack-aholic in the family. Must be a gene thing :) Milo is so dark in comparison with Scout. Glad you are staying safe and Drew is able to work from home and be with you a few days a week! Hugs!

  2. lindt is a great way to spend a day ;O)

  3. Hi LeeAnna! That spiderweb is SO cool. It looks nifty! I'm glad that your DH can work from home but I wonder why only two days a week? I'm glad for small favors for you two! The Lindt truffles look good but the cup really draws me in! Aww, poor Milo. I can understand his reasoning. Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh your paintings are awesome! Love the owl. I was wondering if during this time people are trying new recipes. Milo knows how to count. You always start at one. If you don't continue it is a restart. I get it.

  5. That chair is just amazing.....who would have ever thought to do that! And your art is so pretty and cheerful this week. I love the owl! I LOVE owls! Take care my friend! Stay healthy. Hugs, Diane

  6. Milo is such a handsome guy. And very smart obviously. LOL

    I like the sunshine we've seen this week. Although this morning is cold and the wind is howling. I'm looking forward to warm enough mornings that I can sit on my porch with my coffee and newspaper.

  7. I'm so glad your husband can work from home at least a couple of days a week, both because I'm glad he can stay in more and because I'm glad you aren't alone! I love the idea of the whole world praying at the same time together, church and prayer services with my family via zoom is what has kept me sane through all of this. Praying together (even when we're not together) gives me a lot of strength. Thank you for being here every week to keep us all positive. You are such a center for good things!!

  8. Hello, I almost missed the kitty in the chair. I love your pretty sketches, the owl is cute. I always enjoy seeing your Milo. The turkey recipes sounds delicious and the chocolates are a nice treat. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. Hi,
    Love the Cat Chair, what an awesome idea. Your art work is beautiful. I've linked my post to yours, if you want to check it out here is my link..Have a great day!

  10. Wonderful posting to say thank you!!!
    Have a good time!
    Greetings Elke

  11. That's quite a chair! I love your owl, too! A restaurant in Loveland started advertising that they were selling food, like 2 pounds of chicken in packages, or gallons of milk, and we wondered if it was because they had all these bulk items and weren't able to use them anymore. They had decided not to sell to-go orders, but could sell the food they had stored.

  12. That stuffed animal chair is a riot and I know of at least two people in my life who would LOVE it. Your art work is wonderful; I am finding that making time each day to create has helped me push all that is happening in the world to the back of mind for just a little bit. But I think my absolute favorite thing.. is the Lindt truffles! Those are my favorites.

  13. you had me at that chair covered in stuffed animals. then i saw him, the tux cat, lounging among them. that reminds me of pee wee aka "he who must be obeyed", a feral cat we had for 19 years!
    I Am also glad your husband can work from home at least a couple of days a week and you can have lunch together with truffles! be well and paint on, sonja

  14. Always fun and interesting to read your likes post. You always find such good stuff. It most certainly must be comforting to have your hubby under your roof these days. Love your owl and that sketchbook program sounds so interesting. You are keeping busy and also stretching your creative skills. Love that Milo.

  15. Cool spiderweb! I like your paintings too. My mood enhancers are a bit smaller than those (and not nearly as tasty - M&Ms) but glad I have them nonetheless. That chair - haha! I almost missed the cat!

  16. That is a CRAZY chair. Mmm... Lindt chocolate! Heyyyy Abbot!

  17. Happy to see the owl again and glad Drew can work from home 2 days a week. MY Lindt truffles from Christmas are all gone, as is the dark chocolate almond bark from Costco and my beer! Guess I have to break down and make a mask so I can go buy beer and milk and bread. We had snow this morning which luckily didn't stick and it will be cold for the next two weeks. Ugh.

  18. I love the recovered chair! What fun. Your dinner dish sounds wonderful. Those are some of my favourite flavors!

  19. Those Lindt truffles wouldn't last long around me. A favorite of mine. That chair with the stuffed animals is so crazy and I love it. My husband is working at home two days a week also. Thanks for linking up and stay well.

  20. What a fun post! That chair re-do is unbelievable! Oh yeah- Lindt truffles. I can’t find rice anywhere-here.
    Hang in there

  21. ...Suze's chair is a hoot. has been snowing all day here.
    ...quite a colorful owl.
    ..neat new tune for me. sure doesn't take long to get dressed.
    ...I wish that in Washington they knew who was on first!
    Thanks !

  22. Here's to more Lindt chocolate and beautiful cups. Cheers. Stay warm when the front hits later this weekend. 😷

  23. LA - I keep saying I am going to take a drawing class/painting class, inspired by you and others like you. And here I am, with more time than ever, and I haven't. Excuses? I don't normally eat sweets, but a small basket of Easter goodies is fun to nibble, while it lasts. Enjoy the rest of your week!