Thursday, April 2, 2020

I Like Thursday #187

Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I like that I cleaned off a good portion of my desk (by cleaning I mean I moved stuff that belonged in studio to studio) and can now see a lot of my sweet pretty things! Lots of pretty coral color things here! Antique poodle pin cushion, that pink flamingo is a pen, magic beans to plant this year.

How about Venus this week??!

Venus and the moon: What's going on in the sky tonight
from google

Venus! Did you go out at night and see the brilliant light display? Mary and I talked about how it must have looked to the wise men.

While gazing at that wonder, that we can see something so far away, we watched as one after another satelites circled over our heads at equal intervals. Many of them before our necks grew too tired to look up. Keeping us closer virtually as we must keep physical distance.
The world is changing.... we'll all be altered by this time we're living in.
We'll all remember it one day, and how we handled it.

I pulled these pages out of a magazine (Marie Claire) because I liked the colors, or lines

I liked that Amazon Prime allowed free viewing of Jamestown season One. We binge watched but now want to see the next two seasons. Advertising works!

I like that Blueprint is offering free viewing for a week.

I like Sketchbook Revival... am learning so much!!! I also signed up for a free gift from a woman combining spirituality and art... she leads us on meditations that are calming.
more tomorrow on all I've been doing with art!

 I liked seeing recipes for "quarantini" to be savored

Karston Tannis
1.5 oz Grey Goose Vodka
1 oz espresso
.75 oz premium coffee liqueur
1 pinch salt
Add all ingredients together into a shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with salted dark chocolate powder.

I always like writing fiction, but I really like how my story came out last Sunday, and the song I put in the post is a gorgeous one!!! I've been trying to do a post each day this week with songs or cartoons.  Link: story Here

I loved meeting up with the "I Like thursday" group on Zoom last weekend, thank you to Shannon for getting us all on board. I can't say how wonderful it was to see and hear the people I've come to love over the years! What a miracle!

I have fallen apart on several occasions but have been bolstered by friends who helped pick up the pieces and put me back together.this video is a parody of dealing with covid, to show tune melodies!

remember, what the world needs now... is love

Milo's Moments
I like my new jimjams!

Mama: Milo stop barking so loudly!
Milo: Intruder! Intruder! He's close to the front door and made the door scream (doorbell)
Mama: we like him! He brings us boxes of stuff we need!

Milo: Right! right-o. Precisely as I barked, he's here! bark bark! The guy you like is here!
Mama: well it sounds just as loud and just like your intruder bark and makes me jump!
Milo: you're welcome! Just doing my job Ma'am!

Now sit! Stay! and visit Mama's friends to see their lists for the week! Let Mama know if you did a post for her to add in!!!


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easyweimaraner said...

we have the same intruder Milo!!! and one day we will eat him that's for sure.... we saw that phenomenon last night too, butt the mama had no clue what it was, thanks for having the eggs-planation ;O)

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! WOW - what a fabulous shot of Venus. We have had clouds and rain forever - sunshine today, though. Maybe tonight I can look to see Venus here! I'm sorry I missed the Zoom event - maybe next time. We did have fun seeing our littles - we are they're babysitters so we still can be exposed to them. The only people we've been in contact with is Sue's mom, and the little ones. Take care, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

Scrapatches said...

Thanks, LeeAnna for helping us to find and enjoy the simple things in life that will sustain us. That photo of the moon and Venus is amazing. Milo is a good doggie. I want to scratch behind his ears. My grand pup likes her long ears stroked. I hope we Zoom again sometime ... it was much fun ... :) Pat

Sara said...

Thank goodness for our mail and delivery people! And Zoom is great. I do FaceTime with the iPhone family and Duo with the Android family. And have used Zoom for years for staff meeting with the distance learning staff. BTW - Love the little poodle sitting by the pink palm tree. That would make me smile every time I walked by.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Lee Anna and Milo. We are thankful for all the workers who are now essential. I just signed up again for Amazon Prime, I am looking for some good series to watch. Take care! Wishing you a happy day!

piecefulwendy said...

We haven't done much stargazing yet, but that must have been fun to see. Glad Milo is staying on task while the rest of us wonder what day it is, exactly. Binge watching and advertising are quite the tease. We binged Maigret (Britbox) only to find that it's no longer being produced, for now. That was disappointing.

CountryDew said...

We've had mostly rain so haven't seen much of the moon and stars. Hopefully that will change in the next day or two. Warmer weather is coming as well. I hope that makes everyone feel a little better. said...

We have had lots of cloudy nights. Great pic thanks for sharing. Yay for a clean space. I go a few steps forward then tumble back down.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

The drink sounds delightful. It's a good reason to put instant espresso on the shopping list. Cheers, LA! :-)

Rosemary Dickinson said...

It was so nice to see you and everyone else on Zoom last weekend! It's been a great time to get a little cleaning done. I think I need that quarantini! I like your story. It's very timely. Love seeing Milo!

Angie said...

LeeAnna - we (read: hubby) are going to have to make an emergency trip to the liquor store - the vodka is disappearing at quite a clip. As long as we are going, might as well get the ingredients for the quarantini! Thanks for hosting I Like Thursday!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Lovely likes as always LeeAnna. Apparently the liquor stores here have been doing a booming business. The sun is helping us stay upbeat but I'm missing the family. Having a dog to walk and care for helps too of course. Murphy took her first dip in the pond yesterday and is sporting quite the aroma right now. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's been neat to see how many things have been offered free this week. I love your desk all tidy with pretty things! It helps me to have a good place to start a project. Thanks for the party! Take care!

PaintedThread said...

I did little dances of joy when our intruder came. :-) Isolation hasn't changed our day-to-day routine too much, but it is starting to get wearing the lack of outside contact and always being afraid when being anywhere public. Hugs from afar!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Love that 'quarantini' recipe. Sounds delish. It's that time of year where cleaning off desk surfaces illicit happy and hopefully creative thoughts.

Michelle said...

We watched Jamestown and loved it. I need to see the second season! Trying to persuade my husband to watch the series, Ozark. He is skeptical. Thanks for linking up and stay well.

MissPat said...

When I looked at the photo of Venus, I immediately thought the moon looked just like a whoopie pie. Been cloudy, cold and rainy here all week. Thanks so much for the musical links. They have all been inspirational and stress relievers.

Shannon Mackle said...

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