Saturday, April 4, 2020

sewing Saturdays.... table runner from scraps

How to make a diamond star table runner....
start with a bag of scraps sent to you from a good friend, after letting them age for a few months lol
there! All washed and sorted, pressed and stacked! Find 18 diamonds of the same fabric and place on the design wall
this stage may take a while... look at this and decide what to do with it. Once you decide on a table runner, then look through scraps to see if there are pieces that can go around these to fill in
no, not big enough, then off to the stash for some supporting players, green fossil ferns, purple solid, etc.
Then with a series of pretty fiddly Y-Seams, join it into the top! See the top picture of that!

You're not done yet... find a suitable backing, batting and layer to start quilting. I used Sulky halogram mylar sparkly threads in blue and purple
This proves noting is too small to be really fiddly in the quilting too! Make sure to use a size 90 metalica needle. I went around each star, then started really quilting. Not done yet
the back
 Isn't the back pretty showing the quilting lines? It's an old cotton fabric that looks like grosgrain ribbon. Old old old.

I really want to see the big quilt my friend made with all the pretty fabrics she sent!
I will have a lot of fun with these!
Speaking of scraps, I went ahead and made more tiny HST's when I pieced my lozenges last week. Then I made an abstract arrangement of them to make another tiny color study piece
 That was fun, but also just a little crazy to sew!!! Well we're living in crazy times, right?
I took all the pressed 1 1/2" HST's to my little flannel board, then to the machine, and I won't say I didn't get turned around a few times while trying to keep these organized to sew....

and it's confusing as the seams take up so much space that the whole piece shrinks a lot....

See how much?

but it's all sewn now, and waiting with the orange one to be turned into something.

Sewing is it's own reward!


  1. Nice work in Light/Bright BLUE, LeeAnna!! It's SEW much fun to play with someone else's scraps, isn't is? LOVE that abstract block you created with those Bonus HSTs!

  2. I love how you played with all those little scraps - both pieces are so fun! The blue, green and purple diamonds make a great table topper. I'm impressed with your Y seams! The video was a hoot - Mike liked it, too!

  3. Bravo, you've been having fun playing in the scraps. I've been sewing some waste triangles together with no plan in mind, so I'm thinking there is an improv piece in my future.

  4. So beautiful! I LOVE the quilting lines on the backside.

  5. Love all the blues. That table runner is looking great!

  6. Sewing machines are power tools with thread!
    i like king tut from superior threads.
    I love the colors,those jewel toned scraps,soon to be a table runner

  7. Blues and greens and HST, what's not to love. Your arrangement is very clever, but I know it's easy to mix them up. You did a great job.

  8. Hi LeeAnna,
    Thanks to a great start for my Sunday morning :)
    love what you have made! Your finger tip in the quilt photo is super!
    and the youtube video ..funny !

  9. Love that table runner, but it's those itsy triangles that really capture my heart!

  10. Wow, just love your creativity.

  11. Great creativity you've got flowing!

  12. Wow you can do so much with such tiny scraps! The table runner is gorgeous just my colors. The color study is incredible. Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss.