Thursday, April 23, 2020

I Like Thursday #190

Yea! The store had broth and cute little hershey's kisses!!

It's been a very nice week of people leaving comments, I follow them home and discover the greatest blogs! One of them was this artist's blog, and she provided a free downloadable poster to spread kindness

I like 15 bean soup... made with chicken broth, chopped onion, tbsp of chopped garlic, olive oil and a tsp of butter to saute onion and garlic, S& P, and carrots.
Oh my it was good with dinner! It's not easy to find broth these days of grocery hoarding. Last time there was no cream cheese, no broth, only one carton of egg whites.

The hershey's kisses in bright spring wrapping makes me smile each time I pass them

I was struck once again by the writing of Garrison Keillor Here

I watched the first few episodes of Making the Cut with Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum
different from project runway in a very fresh way of respecting the designers. Glad to see something new, and set in Paris... so pretty! 

during a major meltdown this week, I found the San Diego Zoo live animal cams to be calming:

My design wall had items on it, including this little piece I'll show on Saturday's Sewing Round up

MIlo's Moments

Mama: Awe, you ran outside to play fetch didn't you, what a good boy!
Milo: Well I guess I could play, let me get a sip of water and we'll go out, I mean I just came in but okay!
Mama: No, I meant you already did that with Daddy, out back, for a long time
Milo: I said I'd go out, just a minute Mama and I'll take you out.

Mama: NO! I mean you already went out for fetch...earlier!  You've already done that!
Milo: HEY! You know time is relative Mama, past... present... future  it's all the same to me... and to great thinkers. Don't bring it up if you don't want to do it!
Mama: sorry buddy, I might not be as smart as a poodle
There! Got the toys placed back in the yard, stop picking them up!

Milo: Yum! I love Ice cream in my own bowl. I'm glad the daddy finally realizes that.
Mama: it's so good, and you have your own bowl, so why do you rush through and eat it so fast you get a head rush?
Milo: it tastes good. Why do you eat so slow?
Mama: well I'm finished now,  do you want to lick my bowl?
Milo: duh! It's obvious you had more or we'd have been done at the same time, so pass it over

Milo: done with your bowl daddy?
Daddy: Milo you've already had two bowls...
Milo: I'd have had three by now if you weren't so slow

please visit these fine people keeping lists of likes too! 

rosie and the boys nature pics 


  1. It was a tough week for a lot of us but I enjoyed your post today. Garrison's work this week made me sad but I stay busy and try to get something accomplished. Scout would walk all day if I'd let her. She is truly a social butterfly and wants to see what everyone is doing and meet up with her friends; this might mean that I am very boring as well. But it is what it is. Love that quilt with the woman on it! Stay well!

  2. hershey kisses? we are on the way

  3. Good morning, LeeAnna! I find it odd the things that we can't get from the grocery store beyond the obvious TP and cleaning products of any sort. First it was salmon but then I remembered it was Lent. Then we couldn't get soup of any kind - okay, an easy meal. Now we can't get bread! Not even the store's bakery bread. Come on - bake more if you have the demand for it! Of course, I couldn't buy flour either so maybe there's a flour shortage. I'm glad you could get broth!! I'm also glad you enjoyed Making the Cut. There's only three designers left . . . I wonder who will win. I don't want to spoil it for you if you haven't gotten through all eight episodes yet. Milo - how nice of you to be willing to take momma out for some fun even when you've just come in. Enjoy that ice cream whenever you get it, as quickly as you can. The headache is worth it - and you may not get one! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I've had the same thing happen with some items being hit or miss at the grocery store. Yesterday it was flour - and I wanted to bake something! I've been enjoying the animal cams at the different zoos, too - and the aquariums have them also. Have you seen Wellington the penguin at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago? He's so cute! Milo, enjoy that ice cream!

  5. I like Thursday too, and Garrison Keillor's writing. I find watching the birds calming. Nice merging of memes.

  6. I've also been seeing some things "out" or in limited quantities. Eggs are back available, but they are limiting them to 1 carton per purchase. I've done online grocery shopping and pick up these last 2 weeks. I really miss browsing in the grocery store and adding something to the menu based on what looks good at the store.

  7. Haha! Love your conversations with Milo! Isn't it crazy what the grocery stores are out of? Of course, toilet paper, paper towels, and flour, but also tortillas, spaghetti, and eggs. The farm stand near us will be open soon. I can buy eggs there. Not sure where I could get the other two things!

  8. I love Milo's moments. Blue and Bentley also seem dissatisfied with the ratio of fetch time to work time, but alas that's how it goes. And thank you for sharing the artist's website! I love her inspirational illustrations and downloads. Fun!

  9. Some days are more challenging than others for sure! I love the webcams of animals and even small towns. Stay safe and healthy my friend!

  10. Hello,
    I had some giggles over the Milo conversation. My old dogs used to love ice cream, they would eat it up fast too. We forgot to look for broth on our last shop, it will be added to the next shop list. We were lucky to buy everything else on our list. Hershey kisses are one of our favorite treats.
    Take care, wishing you a happy day!

  11. Garrison's writings land in my email box and I do like how he phrases things.
    I liked your post yesterday. Too many people are so nice they don't want to say anything.
    Loved your talk with Milo; have to chin up and keep smiling.

  12. Love Milo's dialogue...thanks for the smile this morning.
    During this Not so Normal time I have to say I am Thankful for the internet and how it keeps us close to those around us.
    Take care

  13. Hi LeeAnna,
    It's Thursday 190 ! Super that you have encouraged so many to join in !
    I'm enjoying the Great British Sewing Bee. I'll have to see if I can find making the cut.

  14. My boys and I are enjoying the various zoo and aquarium feeds too; it is very calming to watch the animals. Thanks for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  15. The 15 bean soup sounds delicious! And I'm a fan of Hershey chocolate as well :) have a beautiful weekend!

  16. Who would've ever guessed we'd be at the time where things are hit and miss at the grocery store, but they are here too. 15 bean soup sounds good! Milo is cute, and obviously persistent :-)

  17. It sounds like you're looking for the positives during this difficult time. I'm just hoping things get better soon. The number of infected patients is decreasing at work. I'm hoping that's a sign of what's coming! So glad you have Milo! Pets always help us through tough times!

  18. Look at all those kisses! :-) I need more ice cream, although my hips tell me maybe not.... (who ever listens to hips, anyway).

  19. This must be the week for people to have bad days. I had two. Went grocery shopping today. No sliced or shredded cheese. No rice (which I didn't need, but noticed the empty shelves). And no facial tissues. At least I have enough TP which will work for sneezes too (allergies, not covid). And it snowed again then turned to rain. Too cold for late April.

  20. I'm not going to tell our Molly the pinky-nosed (wild) Cat that Milo gets to eat ice cream. She loves the stuff, too, but her tummy doesn't. It took us awhile to figure that one.
    My cooking has taken a creative bent, too, making do with what we can get. Most everything I make is a mish-mash anyway. :-) Big hugs to you, LeeAnna.
    Oh, yeah, here's my link for I Like Thursday.

  21. I've been making homemade chicken broth and need to use some of it up. Thanks for the reminder to make bean soup.

  22. I will check out Making the Cut. I used to love Project Runway. I have been cooking all kinds of things lately, but my grocery pick up order often lacks about 10 things, on average, that I can't get. Oh well! Thanks for linking up and stay well.

  23. What a sweet post with your dog! SO cute!

  24. Your bean soup sounds good. Sorry you are having problems sourcing food. My store has a lot of almost everything, but ramen, cake mixes, flour, and of course toilet paper. I read an interesting article about why people hoard toilet paper during disasters. Pretty kisses in a pretty cup. Milo makes perfect sense to me too.

  25. LA - OK. I think you are the second person to recommend Making the Cut. I'm going to have to watch it! This week, for the first time in LIKE forever, hubby was able to buy bread flour and we have home-made bread again. Yay! He's so responsible, he only bought one bag even though there were 9 or so on the shelf! Stay well, down there!