Wednesday, April 8, 2020


one of my very favorite songs.... and concepts. Home. What does home mean to you?

Home did not mean safety growing up. It did not mean belonging or joy, but I saw it could mean those things when I watched TV. I saw it in friend's homes and families. I read it in books.

When I moved out, I became responsible for all financial responsibilities and decisions about my future. I was able to say that's how it's done in THIS house!
 I began to build traditions. I collected things that made me happy and brought light into my life.

Having a pretty home to me was not decorating the whole place like a designer would, it was showing collections, it was pretty pillows and artwork, it was cheerful curtains and kitsch and comfort.

I feel like other people,  like on Pinterest,  have all matching items. I want a sense of space, and to see things that remind me of people I like. We recently put some pretty curtains on a bedroom window that is bright through the blinds. The curtains are a pretty shade of pink with black floral patterns, very subtle but they make the room feel small now! One little change made the whole room feel different.

I have been reluctant to hang artwork, even quilts in this house. I like the calm wall color that goes thruout the house. But. I have lots of pretty pictures too, and some pretty quilts. I hung our V-day quilt on the stairway wall and love it.
I may be sliding into decorating a bit.

How do you decorate your home? Formally  with planned colors or with eclectic mixes of sentiment like I do? How does it effect you?  Does your home look like you?

what is home to you?


  1. we decorate with the treasures we found in our junk store LOL we are glad to be home again from shopping... so the song fits!!!

  2. Definitely eclectic! We have inherited some beautiful pieces from both families -- they have their flaws, nicks, scratches, missing parts, but they show generations of loving care.

  3. As a kid - home was mostly a safe place. But also a quiet and sometimes lonely place. My parents were a bit older and I was an only child. We were poor, but never went hungry as there was always a huge garden. And homemade clothes. And always lots of books to read.

  4. Family traditions are the fiber that knits people together who probably otherwise wouldn't be connected. I love my family dearly but probably wouldn't think they'd be the first people I'd chose as family. Still...💖

  5. Nothing much matches here. We are definitely in the eclectic category. I'm okay with that.

  6. oh, my home will never be one of those coordinated, decorated places! I have too many personal things from parents, grandparents that I just can't stick in a cupboard and hide. So it is full of family things that make me remember who I am and where I come from, and also things from my children. All those things give me comfort and security, and they make my home comfortable, not necessarily perfectly decorated. :-) Hugs, H