Saturday, April 18, 2020

sewing saturday

I loved the dance of light circles hitting the design wall!!!
welcome to this week's sewing round-up. The color of the month at RSC is light or bright blue.
Calming but not stimulating following on the heels of a month of turquoise.
All I did was take off the lid
Mostly this week,  I was able to find concentration while painting and learning. I took some classes at blueprint, and put that on yesterday's post. I painted the wee little landscape and then noticed the colors go so well with the batik scrap strip. Am I right? Maybe I need to try to paint or print this onto fabric... hmmmm... that might hold my interest.

anyway, I cut out blue scraps for the lozenges pattern I'm doing for this year.

I started cutting the small 2" squares in light, and dark fabrics to make them.

that's where it stopped and I started quilting the spring bunny applique I started last Sunday

Yes, some bright rayon threads should quilt it nicely!
12" X 12"
I forgot how much fun it is to fuse, but how fussy to reverse the pattern to do it, and I got a serious earache and sinus thing from the fusing fumes. Still... how happy this little collage is!
I combined components of the pattern into one.
I dragged out the fusible backed scrap box and added in the tiny strip cut with pinking sheers. LOVE!
Oh don't worry, it's getting a fun binding, and beads, maybe even thick hand embroidery, then it's off to the family room easel.
Magic and Merriment on the bunny tail
My snoopervisor has been keeping a close eye on me and my shenanigans.
HOW boring!
and I enjoyed this spring tune on youtube, hope you do too!

and this... Salute !!!
On this day, in 1924, the first crossword puzzle book was published. Simon and Schuster commissioned the book to meet growing demand for these engaging puzzles, originally dubbed “word-crosses,” that first appeared in US newspapers a little over a decade earlier. Both the first and second printings of The Cross Word Puzzle Book sold out in weeks, so the publishers commissioned two more collections and rushed them to print. By the end of 1924, the books ranked No. 1, 2, and 3 on the national nonfiction best-seller list.(from writer's almanac)


  1. Sometimes just laying little pieces of fabric out to play with is very soothing! I love your bunny project, too. I played with an embroidered bunny this week - so fun!

  2. Oh my - everything about that bunny quilt is ADORABLE!! I love the brown print you chose. And the butterfly is perfect! Can't wait to see what little embellishments you add.

  3. So love it when you do blues! But that rabbit...adorably sweet.

  4. The bunny/butterfly piece with it's carpet of daisies is very cute and springy. I've been sitting here surfing, thinking I should really go to the studio, but nothing in progress appeals to me at the moment. I did finish a quilt top yesterday.

  5. Hi,
    Love the bunny quilt, so pretty.
    Have a great day!

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  7. Love love love the bunny and butterfly mini!

  8. landscape and light, most lovely!

  9. The Sons of the Pioneers, love it. I made a cd for my dad called, "Cowboy Dad" with this kind of music on it. I might add some SOTP to it. Love the look of the bunny, like it's edible and chocolate. Don't know what fusing is exactly, but can guess by the name. Hi Milo, sorry you look bored, but I think you look regal.

  10. I'm glad you found some engrossing projects. I remember listening to Sons of the Pioneers with my dad. What fun. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. That little bunny is just too cute!

  12. Hi LeeAnna,
    Love those bright threads! Hopping from one project to the other, just like a bunny is fun ! and keeps the creativity and ideas coming!