Tuesday, April 14, 2020



question of the day

 If you were a light source what would you be?

Let's see... I think I might be a candle, maybe a pillar candle with a couple wicks. Light, gentle light in the darkness. Not trying to light the whole room, but able to light it's section. It flickers so it's always moving and different, it waxes and wanes. There is warmth to it's tone, when you look closely it's made of different layers and colors.

I might want to be the moon, I've had an affinity for the moon for a long time now, or the sun, strong and constant. But I think I might be a candle.

What about you?


  1. Your question caught my imagination this morning. I think I would be a flashlight--quick, bright flashes shining on an object and then moving on, never illuminating the entire space, then back off to await the next time it's needed to light the way. Perhaps lighting the path from darkness to the bright light.

  2. a small flashlight... with nearly emty batteries ;O))

  3. I'm with the comment above - a small flashlight with nearly empty batteries. I've lost my light, and this week it is starting to flicker off. LOL

  4. Until the LED battery pack comes in, I'm pretty dim these days. *sigh*