Tuesday, April 7, 2020

be brave


Tell me about a time when you were brave and stood up for what was right?

I remember back in my college days, I had just decided I needed to change majors. I had gone through the first two years of Pre-Med (lots of chemistry, physics, calculus) and was not content. I had that niggling feeling that I was in the wrong place.
I could do the work, I wanted to do it, but if all felt so wrong.

I was out and about one day, and saw someone taking advantage of some kids... I went over and spoke up for them to the adult, and it worked out for them. I thought... this feels right.

I began taking tests to see what careers I might fit into and social worker came up.
I spent the next two years in a very different learning environment, and spent the majority of my career working on behalf of kids.

 I made a lot less money than I would have as a doctor!

tell me your stories...


  1. always..... but I rarely won the challenge ...

  2. I think the bravest thing I ever did was move to the city with $100 in cash to my name with two small kids and whatever I could fit in an MG Midget to start over. It wasn't easy, but I somehow managed and became stronger for it.

  3. Interesting LeeAnna...if we're talking careers, I took finance at university and became an accountant/financial administrator (ooh the titles! lol)...when I was in high school I took that career aptitude test and my result was "farmer". I thought it was interesting, but OF COURSE...my friends all made fun of me, sadly so did my parents...so I went in a direction where I felt that was the complete opposite. Years later, I burned out, and then more years later, hindsight made me realize I hated every moment of my money-grubbing career. Now I'm on disability and though I'm not a farmer, I live by the land, I garden, I plan on having chickens and being self-sufficient in the next few years...oh how I wish I didn't let the peer/parent-pressure get to me 30 years ago!! :)

    I stood up for myself recently for a wrong doing. I had to be strong and fight for my rights...I was told by a dear-one (not dear anymore) that I was being disrespectful to the person I was dealing with...but in my perspective I was simply being brave and NOT being a doormat. I got my justice but lost a dear one in the process. Was it worth it?


    1. been there and done that too. It's a shame when standing up for yourself is seen in women as being disrespectful.

  4. LA - I spent my whole career in Human Resources, and in the latter part of that career, ended up working for a company with a dehumanizing culture (my company was acquired). For the next few years, I fought almost daily for the employees and what was right and fair for them. Most of the time I lost … which is why I retired as early as I could. I am not sure how brave it was, but it was the right thing to do and always put me at odds with my boss.