Tuesday, October 27, 2020

T is for Chooseday


T is for Chooseday, when I join my friends at Bleubeard and Elizabeth to talk about creativity and what we're sipping. 

Yep, that's wine. Riesling usually. When my husband finishes work for the day, I leave the studio and we meet outside for wine and chat. If the air is clear enough of smoke and it's not snowing like it was last Friday and Sunday that is. 

I want to escape...

in case you need it the link 

 If I was a musical style, it might be this... or a mix of this plus the sentimentality of WW2 music.


Or jazz. Or Brazilian or love songs! No the humor and irreverence of thr 20's probably. 

what would you be? If you were a musical style? Note, not just what you like but what style would you BE?  

some of you wanted to see my Halloween quilt, and the post all about it is HERE with close ups of the ghost beads along the bottom

My design wall is full of color...

During the day I'm still having cold tea, it's a habit that's hard to change even in winter! This time it's made of cinnamon tea bags and green decaf mixed.


I am working in the studio this week, working on some Fall pieces and hung several Halloween quilts around the house. 


Since we had over 24 hours of snow this week, it's looking more like winter though. I think the overnight low was supposed to be around 5F so long underwear was needed.

We changed the closets to winter clothes after just changing them 5months ago to summer, and I was surprised they weren't more crowded (winter clothes are bulky) so  my purge of things I no longer wore must have worked. I will be so tired of my clothes after wearing them over and over... I do miss shopping in person. It's not safe to be in close contact with people however. 

 gotta go defrost the poodle

Happy Tuesday y'all


Bleubeard and Elizabeth


  1. love the tea time music... it is like listening to a time where things were so different... ;O)

  2. The little quilt with Home is one of my favorite ones. So pretty!! My stress level has sky rocketed this week as Covid has hit our family. One son-in-law is positive and mildly sick. Daughter is sick and was tested today. Their kids are home from school and acting like little bullies - probably out of fear. I delivered 3 days worth of meals yesterday to them. Probably will need to do that again this week.

  3. I enjoyed the music :) and I love that Halloween quilt! The Autumnal-colored Home quilt hanging is lovely. Happy T Tuesday!

  4. Such a lovely way to unwind after a work day with a glass of wine and a chat! Can't believe that you have snow, hope your poodle defrosted ok ...lol 😀. Those patchwork Halloween and Fall wall decorations are amazing - so beautiful! Take care and Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  5. Your quilts are beautiful, LeeAnna. Defrost the poodle - lol. Sorry for you winter weather. It seems awful early.

    Happy T-Day. Stay, safe and well. Hugs, Eileen

  6. Your weather plus ashes sounds pretty hair-raising. I hope you get some relief soon! Beautiful quilt!

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  7. beautiful quilt work!! So nice to be able to eek in a bit more outdoor time before the winter really takes over although it seems you have had some of it already-yikes.
    Interesting ? about the music- not sure for myself
    Happy T day!

  8. Your quilt is super cute! listening to Eric Clapton with a glass of wine and conversation sounds mighty nice. I'm not ready for cold ~ Poor defrosted poodle :) Stay warm and well ~ Happy Halloween!

  9. Loved that Eric Clapton link! It's amazing that he still has his voice considering his rocker background.

  10. Your Halloween quilt is gorgeous. I like the beads along the bottom. We have snow heading our way this Thursday night into Friday morning. Not as many hours as you had, but it is way to early for snow. Even though it does happen. I am just not ready. Happy T day. And Happy Halloween.

  11. Lovely quilts on your wall!
    Happy Tea Day,

  12. I just cant deal that places are having snow & frigid temps already!

  13. I love both Eric Clapton and Over the Rainbow. Thanks for the link. I don't think I have a musical style. Haven't played the clarinet since high school and can't carry a tune in a basket. We've had rain at some point in each of the last nine days. Snow flurries coming Friday (as an aftermath of Hurricane Zeta, if you can believe it) and our first killing frost.

  14. LA - we have been on a road trip, with #1 Son minding the house. Well, one person does not use as many appliances/water, and we came home to find that the washer would not work - frozen pipes!!!! Fortunately, with some additional heating in the basement and running water, it was soon solved. And no broken pipes since the house was built with flexible tubing!!! Just another wonderful part of living in the mountain west!!!

    The colors on your design wall are fabulous!!!

  15. If I were a musical style I think I'd probably be sounds of nature (is that even a genre?). Love the soothing sounds, especially these days.

  16. Your Halloween quilt is beautiful. As are your other quilts. Your dog is quite handsome looking. But snow? Ugh! Happy T-Day!

  17. The Halloween quilt is awesome. Snow is predicted for us on Fri. Not looking forward to that. Happy T Day

  18. P.S. I saw your comment about you're thinking of moving back East, and considering CT. It has it's pros and cons, like any state.

  19. I am leaving this generic message for everyone who visited and participated in T Tuesday. I want to thank you for visiting. You may have noticed I was offline off and on for three days. I kept losing electricity. Each time, I was able to visit a few people before the electricity went out again. The third time, I was leaving a comment for Valerie when I heard a huge BOOM. There was a flash of light, the windows and walls shook. It felt like an earthquake to me, but it only lasted a second or two. I believe they have finally fixed the electricity in my neighborhood. I won’t know until I get to explore the internet, but it may have been very local. I know I saw two bucket trucks driving up my street less than an hour after it happened. With no heat, the temperatures both nights dipped into the mid-20s F (low 4s C). Thanks for your participation and thanks for hopefully understanding why I was unable to visit for T this week.

  20. Those are some beautiful quilts. Have a great week.