Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sewing round up for the week


another week has gone by, the elephants have been playing in the pumpkin patch, and I've been sewing a little! 

I did a post yesterday on this year's Halloween quilt finish... see that **HERE**

Now for the Rainbow Scrap challenge party... remember the little cut away half square triangle blocks from the lozenge blocks? I made them into leaves this time, showed them last week? 

I've been trying to finish the borders on them... The yellow one I think of as Art Deco is ready to quilt

I used madeira sparkly gold thread and went around all the block areas, and then thought about the corners...

I got out my design books on the nouveau style, my circle acrylic templates and my chalk pencil

my pics were done at night, but there are circles in each corner, straight lines connecting them in the side triangles, and I started quilting wavy lines in the willowy border

Not sure if I like this but I think it will be nice. My plan after quilting is to bind it in a black fabric with a metallic gold fiber shot through... or gold tissue lame, we'll see. 

Each step of the way this week, I had so many decisions to make... how big to do borders, how to insert the geese in my log cabin quilt...

They need to fall in the right place on the quilt, and look like they were inserted into the scene...

and make do with the amount of fabric I have which isn't much...








I sewed all the logs together, pieced in the bottom geese, and sewed that unit together

and sewed the right side geese into the border fabric I had

so I have more decisions to make, which border goes on next, how will I shape them?

yikes! I think I will do a blue binding so the whole piece will feel unified. I have loved it but now the blue is taking over so things may change. 

Next week I'll do the improv log cabins in Yellow to finish out the month. 

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  1. So much thinking and doing each day for your projects! I just told another blogger how helpful that has to be dealing with the anxiety we all feel these days. Keep doing it, and may our anxiety be lessened soon!
    PS...when I am not sure I like something I’ve done, I sleep on it. Somehow it often grows on me! 😊

  2. Another PS...not to lessen how special all of your projects look, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those elephants!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as you are designing away there. What a marvelous piece...interesting and sunny too.

  4. Love watching your process. I think the gold thread was a fabulous choice to do the quilting.

  5. Hi,
    Love all those scrappy will be beautiful when done...have a great day!

  6. The background fabric on the leaves quilt is so perfect. And, I’m loving the progress of your “batty” quilt. It’s such fun to watch for your posts on Friday and Saturday to see your creativity. Thankyou.

  7. Love that gold, black and white quilt!

  8. The leftover triangles made beautiful leaves! I like the way some have white backgrounds and some have black. That really is a pretty piece!

  9. From where I'm sitting, it looks like you were SEW productive, LeeAnna!! Nice job on scattering bits of YELLOW throughout your week.

  10. That yellow piece is sure pretty! Choosing gold thread and those circles - perfect.

  11. More great work. Those elephants are beyond adorable!

  12. You build like I do by auditioning and thinking about next steps. It is very interesting to see the impact of the blues on the yellows-golds. Always a surprise! Always more to think about and learn.

  13. Hi LeeAnna,
    Blue and yellow !
    Still amazes me what beautiful pieces you are making, keeping your blog going, sharing thought and feelings...all takes a lot of enery. Thank you.
    What a year it has become...and the really scary part, wating to see the results when the poles close in November.

  14. Those yellow triangles sure turned into an awesome quilt and I love the quilting on it. The log cabins are fun and I love how the improv quilt is coming along. So much creativity in the sewing room.

  15. Your creativity blows me away! I think I may be too “right-brained”! And that is not a political statement at all! I’m definitely Liberal living blue in a red state! And my anxiety is growing! Maybe I should try the improv process? Will it add to my anxiety or relieve it? Hmmm?

  16. So much fun stuff here! I LOVE your gold and black piece. Everything is so creative and beautiful!

  17. What a wonderful improv piece you are creating with the log cabins. I get frustrated trying to do improv because something in my brain wants to straighten every crooked piece.

  18. That are wonderful and sweet Works !!!!Great!!!
    Greeting Elke

  19. It's always a treat to see what you're working on, LeeAnna. Elephants are adorable.

  20. I love your little elephants. Did you make them? You get so much accomplished in one week!