Thursday, October 29, 2020

I Like Thursday # 217

It's looking a lot like Halloween!

If it's Thursday, it's time for the I Like list, so lets dive in shall we? 

Adult trick or treat

We went from 80's to 2F and had about 8" of snow this week. It did not put out the wildfires but slowed them enough to see the sky for several days, which includes sun to melt the snow a little. 

put up hooks this weekend to display quilts
last year's quilt

hung up one of the older Fall quilts

chicken souvlaki for lunch

Fine Dining

I made chocolate chip oatmeal sugar cookies this weekend, from my Gasparilla cookbook. 

They are tried and true.... until you try to bake them in high altitude. We tried different temps and times and suffered through eating them fresh from the oven on each attempt. We stored them in tupperwear and they were too hard to bite into the next day. I put a wet paper towel in the container overnight and they softened enough to eat. 

I also discovered, sorry no pics, that you can use leftover breaded chicken strips to make a chicken parm. Small baking dish, chicken, tomato pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese, parm cheese, heat in the oven til it's hot and serve over angel hair. Fast easy and delish.


working on a mantel quilt
I made a mantel quilt to go with the Home quilt hanging next to the mantel... I put on things we are thankful for and will show it tomorrow


 finished my book by Jodi Thomas on audio... very fun story of a Texas family's escapades
Chance of A Lifetime
started a Jude Devereaux which is shaping up to be good... a guy must go back to earth to correct wrongs from another life, sent back by the head angels... will he do it right?


I discovered a new -to- me show on netflix... Emily in Paris. Kind of modern show of a young 20 something who wears fab clothes, and enjoys learning the new culture of France while working in advertising. It's a scripted comedy. 

Dancing with the stars sent home one of my faves but still there is Johnny Weir and Nev Shulman. 

bachelorette... oy vey... this eejit came to the show after already getting to know one of the guys before hand so she's wasted everyone's time since she decided on him before it even started. They are replacing her with a woman I do enjoy from the previous season... smart and funny so hopefully it will give me some viewing pleasure. 

Amazing Race... simply awesome to watch especially when we're stuck in one place


I LOVE jigsaw puzzles... here's a fall leaf puzzle 

can you tell I'm tired of people hating other people? I am... bone tired of it. This soothed my weary spirit this week:

just in case it doesn't play 

Here's hoping enough people are also tired of it, and want us to become "united" states again.

I love my friend Sonja in Hawaii... we are sympatico and she sent me the link to youtube series called Green Renaissance with heart warming stories of real people. We are all important, and all should be respected. We NEED each other. 

remember this...

 just in case it doesn't work here

Put on a mask for the common good... the death of so many Americans a day and the constant threat of it has worn me down. 

(only one ear left??? but trying to wear a mask)

Travel almost looks unrecognisable these days. Anyone who has flown since coronavirus hits knows how strange it is to walk through a plane, and see a sea of masked faces around them. It’s utterly necessary, but it can also be a strange and sad experience. So to try and lighten the mood and the weirdness of face masks becoming the norm, we decided to collect some of the funniest face mask memes doing the rounds of the internet.


Me defrosting after a snow-scursion this week

Milo here to inform and entertain! Yep, it's aaaallllll up to the poodle!

well after the snows came and went my pawrents got the stupid idea to give me a bath and cut my hairs. Well you can bet I put up a stink! 

Mama: yes, you sure stink!

Daddy: it was awful

Milo: hey! what's a little peepee on the legs matter? Is that worth touching my feet with a shaver? 

I'm SURE the snow melted it off! I smell like soap!

watch me play here...

in case, this is the link

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  1. I absolutely ADORE your incredible quilts. So glad you brought some of the older ones out. They are all so different, too. I like the vignette you created with the food and the candy in a bowl the shape of corn candy.

    Milo is looking dapper after his time outside in the snow.

  2. Hi LeeAnna! Oh yes, baking in high altitude does change things up. Good idea about adding the damp paper towel to soften the cookies up a bit. A slice of bread works, too. I don't watch the Bachelor(ette) but happened to tune in on Tuesday. She had the guys play a game naked??!! And then knew one guy before so the others walked out. Wow. What a HOT mess. I flipped that off right away. HAHA! {{Hugs}} and Happy Thursday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Milo plays like Scout! Not happy about getting snow that early but I guess that is western weather :( My Nana put half an apple in a can with hard cookies to soften them. Have a wonderful week and hugs to Mr. Milo!

  4. That is quite the temperature difference and yikes on the snow, we'd be closed for a week here. I totally agree with you, we just hate the hate too. Milo, I'll bet your furs are so soft now. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. Your pumpkin in the snow is a hoot! How fun to have all your Halloween quilts hanging here and there! Love the babies with cats video, too. Milo was feeling frisky after his bath! And that chicken parm recipe sounds delicious. Happy Thursday!

  6. I love the rectangular home quilt! And seeing some of your other quilts!
    Thanks for sharing the video of Milo, and the kids and cats! The Danish grandmother video is priceless!
    We often use a piece of bread in the cookie jar or lidded container to keep cookies soft. High altitude is tricky!

  7. Yikes! That's prairies and foothills of the Rockies weather for ya! In Edmonton, due north several degrees of latitude of you, they were -20C (that's sub-zero F) last week and now on the plus side to the tune of 10-13! (50sF). Insane. I am loving seeing the quilty décor being hung in various places. And I do love the quilt Milo got a wee bit of snow on. Thank you as always for hosting. :-) Oh, I like your adult Halloween treats, must remember that.

  8. Hello,

    I hope the snow has helped the fire fighters, the fires looked very scary. I wish everyone would be nice and just wear the mask. The cookies sound good. Your hanging quilts are pretty. I am sure Milo likes the baths. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. I love the way you've displayed your quilts! They are so beautiful and bring such joy. And what crazy weather! We are way too warm here this week but the weather...she's achanging! lol Enjoy your day!

  10. Poor Milo - to have to endure sure torture in order to smell good. We had similar temps and 5" of snow, but a lot of it melted yesterday. I recorded DWTS and may find time to watch it this afternoon I hope. I don't really have a favorite this year but there are several with possibility - lots of talent.

  11. I love the pink and teal quilt Milo is sitting on and it's so fun to see your Halloween quilts out. Have you thought of doing a retrospective post featuring all of them? It would be cool to see! Hang in there with the snow- I'm glad it's helping a bit with the fires.

  12. I've given up on chocolate chip cookies; brownies are so much easier at high altitude, I find. Loved seeing Milo in the video!

  13. Hi,
    No snow here yet...just lots of rain. I really like the way you've displayed your quilts..they are beautiful. Poor Milo, a bath, really. I can hear him I've posted my I Like Thursday. Have a great day!

  14. Hi LeeAnna,

    Snow in October !
    Emily in Paris...just finished watching it !
    Great to see your quilt show changes by the season :)

  15. You eat well and make fun quilts!

  16. I look forward to seeing your Thankful quilt and how you mount two quilts over the mantle.
    I started watching Emily in Paris, too. I like scripted shows. Writers are worth their salary. The unscripted ones are repetitive and banal to me.

  17. Hee, hee...we love your post bath prance, Milo.

  18. That snow-covered pumpkin is pretty cute! (and looks quite happy). Those kitties - some of them are more comfortable with kids than others! LOL. Milo! You sure look happy.

  19. That is quite the weather change! Your quilts are so pretty.

  20. The weather is certainly playing Halloween tricks on everyone everywhere lately. Your quilts are displayed beautifully and thanks for the jigsaw puzzle. I like puzzles too. Was a very pretty one when completed too. Thanks again!

  21. Oh, no! Snow before Halloween!!! My Colorado son had snow at his house too - about the same amount as you. You folks have So. Much. Winter. The snow slowed down a forest fire near them too.

  22. Oh my you DID get snow! I thought we had it bad! I’m so not ready for it! Nice displays of your quilts and Milo does entertain. I so understand the wearing down of your soul with the anger at the stupidity of people, the concerns for loved ones and the understanding that the educated knowledgeable medical professionals are now saying we will have this new normal until at least the end of 2021. It is exhausting. At least your elections will be almost over next week so you might have a better idea of how this Pandemic might be dealt with going forward.

  23. Emily in Paris does look interesting. We binge watched The Queen's Gambit. Also interesting clothes, a good story and chess. And yeah for the Amazing Race. That's a great show even when we aren't stuck home.

  24. What a fun post but the frozen pumpkin is my favorite.

  25. We loved seeing you in action, Milow, and we love the snow on the pumpkin!

  26. Signs of the season - snow on the pumpkin. Cute kids and cats video. Thanks for feeding my jigsaw puzzle addiction with another site to visit. Well, they do say doing puzzles keeps your brain in shape. I still can't fathom how we got to the point that so many people believe in a lying charlatan and how we'll ever come together again as a nation. I try not to worry about the outcome of the election, but it's overwhelming. Keep safe, keep creating.

  27. My brother and I have an ongoing thing about giving each other the hardest puzzles we can find each Christmas. I now have a backlog. I can't work on them, because I'd have to leave them out, and a certain fur-kid would find them fascinating during the night. Haha.

  28. Lots to see (and hear).Your quilts are absolutely amazing! I love them. They are all different.
    Before i forget: bread will soften cookies when they are too hard. Yes, altitude makes a difference. We live high too but not very (3000 ft)and luckily it is not that much of a problem.
    I enjoyed the videos especially the Danish lady.And of course the star of the show: Milo!
    Your book 'a chance of a lifetime' sounds good. I will see if I can get that on Kindle.
    I looked at your puzzle. I'm not into those online puzzles. I prefer the real thing. A large jigsaw on a piece of wood and do a little bit every day.
    Have a lovely weekend, it will be interesting to see how the election goes.....
    Stay safe,

  29. Some thoughts...small quilts can make quite an impact when displayed. I've just subscribed to Green Resistance. A piece of apple or a hunk of bread will soften hardened brown sugar; I wonder would it work for cookies. Loved hearing about your food this week...always sounds delicious to me. I use online puzzles all the time and enjoy them for those odd moments. Loved seeing hubby and Milo. Murphy doesn't get enough baths, I think.

  30. Ooer snow...That's made me shiver. I love catching up with Milo's activities.
    Annie x

  31. I laughed at your cookies. I made some last week that were too hard to eat too, but I revived them just enough.
    I love all your quilting and Autumn preparations. What extremes of weather you get.
    I did you autumn leaf puzzle. It was trickier than it looked but what vibrant colours.
    I enjoyed the video of cute babies with their animal friends too. We need things like that to cheer us right now.
    Stay safe. Kate x

  32. Wow snow. That's amazing. Here's hoping for a better world in the months to come.

  33. Gorgeous patchwork quilts and loving the kitties too but Milo is so distracting he's an absolute love. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  34. snow is on the pumpkin, frost is in the air...
    quilts are everywhere
    happy Hallow week!

  35. I keep seeing pictures of snow on people's FB and blogs, and all I can think of is I am just not ready. Love your quilts thank you for sharing! LOL Milo Peepee legs. The other day Bobbin rolled in something the cats had destroyed, for like 5 minutes. Translate to huge bath, the instant she walked in the door, I think peepee leg would smell better than dead, rotting rodent that Bobbin seems to think is the eau de perfume of the day.

  36. We got snow today too! This is early for us. I love your quilts! I've always wanted to try Jude Deveraux. Your book sounds good! Milo sounds like he had a nice bath!

  37. Nice quilt, Milo!! Sorry about the bath. Tell Mama that I can't wait to see all the fun stuff she included on her Thankful mini!

  38. I love snow, but it is still a bit early for me! lol Your quilts are beautiful and so nice to see them. I always enjoy seeing Milo. We have many here in my small town who do not believe in wearing a mask. Very tiresome, I think. I wear mine all of the time. Thanks for linking up and have a great week.