Thursday, October 1, 2020

I Like Thursday # 213


I love this mug

Sometimes it's challenging to find likes for the week. Sometimes you need to look under cushions, and behind the bushes but there is always something to put on the list... so let's get this party started.

Fine Dining


we had tuna sandwiches for lunch one day, and for a side I decided to make a salad again. We used to eat salads daily. We found out heads of lettuce were safer when you pulled off the outside leaves, and I decided to relive my youth by buying iceberg. 
1) We wash it well, and spin it, and store it in the spinner where it stays crisp. 
A bed of lettuce, slices of fresh ripe pears, blue cheese dressing and some walnuts made a wonderful side dish. 
Are you tired of cooking by now?  But our desire to eat keeps us on our toes.

2) I also pulled out my Canadian Minestrone soup recipe and we invested lots of time cleaning, chopping, stirring the soup. Luckily it makes a lot, so we had soup as a starter for the week. If anyone is interested I'll try to scan my old recipe for you. It's full of great ingredients and very satisfying. 


3) what is this thing? I don't know but I like it!  The chinese forget me nots is next to it but this is different. Still hasn't opened. We continue to have record heat and smoke chokes our air. Maybe mother nature is confused here. 


4) I did another question and answer post on Tuesday that I just loved when it was finished. Want to see it? 


more paintings on Friday's post!!

5) I'm taking a free online class with "START YOUR ART" that provides two instructors daily for 14 days.
it's free
I'm painting again, at least portraits of each instructor
It provides some techniques and I love what I'm making!!
not so positive
there is way too much chat between the host and instructors at the start so I skip that part and go to the class part, but they are talking about how to jump start yourself into making art again so you may like it


6) I love zooming this past week with Mari (Academic Quilter) and Joy (the joyful quilter) and talking twice to my friend Diane in Texas. 


 TV review: Hugo Rifkind on Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father |  Saturday Review | The Times
7)  We are on season two or three of "Travels with my Father" and OMG it makes us both snort with laughter at the shenanigans of these two British men traveling the world together to form a bond as adults. SO FUNNY! (netflix)
continuing the series Escape to the Chateau where those two built a quilted wall around a staircase, built a new greenhouse and got the arbor started, and traveled to a small town in the Loire country to get copper pans re-tinned... (on peacock)
8) Oh I'm half-heartedly watching Dancing with the Stars, covid edition. I love ballroom and watching people learn dance, but Tyra... so melodramatic! It's hard to cope with her antics and expressions. She cuts the judges comments so she can ask inane questions, no doubt prompted by the producers. 
9) We watched a fun clever movie on netflix called Enola Holmes... hope there are more to come!


10)  STILL reading my same Ebook  A single thread at bedtime (after two pages I doze and the ipad falls on my face!) and listening to a fun book on audio called "The House" by Danielle Steel... comforting and entertaining in a formulaic way. Easy to sew to. 


12) I finally figured out how to overcome The Quilt Show's reluctance to let me get my newsletter by email on a different account... must they make life so hard? It's been fun to see Alex in her studio. 

I like that my friends send tutorial  and pattern links to me like this one on how to make a sewing machine pin cushion (from Joanne at teatimegardening) 


13)  getting Milo bathed and shaved for the month with minimal injury to all concerned. (He feels we focus too much on grooming around here)

Milo's Moments


Milo here, there's something in my kong! I love that!  The Mama she picks it up, I follow her to the kitchen and she puts yummy peanut butter, or my glucosamine treats in there and I have lots of fun getting it out. Sometimes I work on it for a whole 15 minutes (fur-ever!)

I spent a lot of time fetching my ball this week, I have to get more exercise so I also chase the Daddy (who also needs more exercise, just sayin') around the round table in the watchy watch room (TV area) and let me tell you, it's all I can do to get him up and running. I bring toy after toy to tease him with until finally he gets up and chases me!  I lost my ball upstairs for a few hours, but don't worry! I found it in time to take it to bed with me last night! (Mama put it on the floor when she came up... WHY???)

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not posting this week


  1. Hello Milo you handsome boy!!! Great likes for a tough week! Thanks LeeAnna!

  2. Travels with my Father sounds good. I'll look and see if we can get it. Love your painting! It's really wonderful! Happy Thursday...Happy October!

  3. You're smart to be Zooming with friends. A few of us tried, but just couldn't seem to find a time that worked for everyone. And one friend just couldn't get it to work for her.

    Yes - I'm totally sick of cooking. We do occasional take-out but seldom more than once a week. We're now quarantining because my husband went to Iowa to a job site, and the client tested positive for Covid a couple of days later. The client is mildly sick, and so far my hubbie has no symptoms. I want him to go get tested, but he hasn't so far. Of course here in SD you are not likely to be approved for testing unless you show lots of symptoms. So . . . here we sit.

  4. That was a fun bunch of thankfuls and your painting is really beautiful. Keep enjoying your Kong filled yum Milo. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. That is a great mug - perfect for you! I love when soup season comes back, and would love your recipe. I need some new recipes! Tired of my own cooking... Milo is looking good!

  6. Love the sunflower, agree on Tyra, will have to check out that father son travel show if I get the channel. Iceberg lettuce was all we ever ate back in the day.

  7. Fancy salad for fancy dining. Yay. I’d like to see that recipe if you get a chance. I’m liking that mug rug too. I totally forgot about the Chateau show. I’ll try to find it again. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Me three on the soup recipe! I’m going to look for the show recommendations! Pears and blue cheese....yummy! I kind of like iceberg lettuce. It’s what I grew up with..not with blue cheese dressing, though! 😊

  9. That painting is amazing! Thanks or sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  10. The sunflower painting is gorgeous! You are so talented. I am so impressed by your salad. I usually just throw some stuff together.

  11. Lots of fun photos and links. The sewing machine pincushion video tutorial is my favorite ... and, of course, Milo's moment. The salad and soup looks yummy. Thank you for hosting and sharing ... :) Pat

  12. I am very tired of cooking meals! Salads are good and healthy options. I have trouble keeping lettuce fresh, though.

  13. Yup, very tired of cooking. We need to eat more salad, but every time I buy greens, we throw half of them in the compost. And how is it that every week seems worse than the one before. When will it ever end. We did get an inch and a half of much needed rain however. Cool temps now. Must move plants into house.

  14. Soup looks yummy. I love your flower. I need to watch Enola Holmes. We got Knives Out from the library and watched that instead of the debate (good choice). I agree with Milo - peanut butter is delicious!

  15. HI,
    I've posted my I Like is the link...

    Really like your pretty...have a great day!

  16. Bobbin totally agrees with you about grooming. She had a visit with the vet and a mani pedi, and ear cleaning. I have a hard time cooking. I actually resorted to a premade meal of lobster mac tonight. Not impressed. One night it was summer sausage, cheese and crackers. Can ice cream be a dinner? Great likes my sweet.

  17. Hi, so enjoyed reading your marriage answers in the last post. Lots of interesting Tony is an engineer too and some of your comments resonated here in my house. Similarly,I am the embellisher, the story teller, etc. and he wants the facts, just the facts. And will interrupt in the middle of a story sometimes to ask about some obscure fact. It is funny.
    We are watching season 4 of Jack and his dad travelling to Australia in the first episode. Lots of fun.
    Murphy has her kong with pb after supper every night. I think if she were mean, she would chew my leg off if I didn't get it for her...she loves it that much!

  18. Hi LeeAnna! Oh, I had hoped that your smoke had started to clear by now. Milo look so handsome enjoyin his tennis ball on the porch. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. Your sunflower is beautiful! Terrific that you've found your mojo and a free online class to boot. I watched Enola Holmes too and really enjoyed it as well. I'll have to look up the Travels series as we all need a good laugh. I hope the smoke dissipates soon. Enjoy the weekend ~ Love, Karen

  20. Great post but Milo is always my distraction, love him. Have a happy weekend, Angela xXx

  21. What an enjoyable post. Your sunflower is beautiful. and of course, I enjoyed reading about your marriage, too. But like Angela, Milo steals the scene again. Have a super weekend and I hope to see you for T Tuesday, but if not, in two weeks at Friday smiles.

  22. Travels with Father made us snort with laughter too. The Start Your Art class looks interesting. Will be fun to see what you work on!