Thursday, October 15, 2020

I Like Thursday #215


Welcome to this week's list of likes... always something to like if we only stop to think about it, right?

1) we saw some blue sky peek through the smoke this week. These leaves are already gone, blown off by the winds Sunday! The air quality comes and goes now... the temp Wednesday was 76 going down last night to 34... extremes. 

Let's get this party started shall we? 


2) I finished City of Girls and loved it so much. The reader was the actress Blair Brown. Next up is by Jodi Thomas, set in Texas around 1900 and lots of fun, she knows people!

3) At night I'm reading the first book in the bakeshop series, because I somehow missed it, Meet your Baker. Love this series


4) Ooooo we found the Great British Bake show on Netflix... a new episode dropping weekly. Covid edition.

Bachelorette, covid edition started this week on ABC... what a train wreck! 
Dancing with the stars continues and I have hopes for Johnny Weir and Vernon Davis 
5) Amazing Race returned last night!!! (they taped this show two years ago )

Random news

6) the mancuso Pacific National quilt show is in session! On line HERE


my tomatoes continue to be green but one I pulled off the stalk is turning pink. Are they safe to eat green? I googled it because I fondly remember eating fried green tomatoes and they contain solanine like potatoes that should not be eaten if they go green... 

 7) my blue flower that looked like a little mini cauliflower turned into this!

Fine Dining


8) our cider had a quick exp. date so I baked an apple coffee cake that came out pretty good. 

Since the oven was hot and we had to use the egg whites anyway, we also baked another blueberry cake, so very good!

then scrambled the rest of the eggs with cheese for a very good breakfast for three!
9)  I am tired of my cooking and missing the Greek diner in Annapolis so we ordered tzatziki sauce this week and I made chicken souvlakis for lunch. In case you want to know how I did it...

We used cooked chicken from the store, sauted it with:

olive oil, lemon juice, white cooking wine and spices (I poured about 1/3 cup EEOO in a 1C measuring cup, added about 1/4 C wine, and 1/8 C lemon juice, but I didn't measure) A lot will depend on your amount of meat.

I made a Greek spice mix with:

garlic powder, basil, parsley, rosemary (a bit less), paprika, a tsps of oregano, salt and black pepper (sorry no measurements... about half tsps of each, more of parsley and oregano)

put a good amount of the spice mix in the saute pan with the meat and liquid, and let the chicken cook if raw, or absorb most of the liquid if cooked already.

A lovely scent came up as the liquid was absorbed.

I didn't have pita so we used some flour tortillas. I rubbed them on the pan  to pick up a bit of the lovely oil, and layered on:
 tsaziki sauce, fresh chopped tomatoes, thin cucumber slices, diced red onion, shredded lettuce, feta cheese and the meat. curled the bread around it and was it ever delish!!!

sorry no recipe, just my little explanation, but it was good. We made two more sandwiches for Thursday's lunch, had some oven fries as our side, and poor Milo was left wanting with only a small piece of chicken and one fry!

Products I'm liking

10) I have thin hair but these shampoos fluff it up. The pantene Rose has a lovely scent, the fekkai has a wonderful lemon scent, the roth smells gorgeous! All give me more body.


the rock is in the middle

11)... my pink quartz rock... twice since I didn't like the first one... story tomorrow on Paint Post


12) lots of sewing going on, story on Saturday's post


poodle,white poodle,dog,dogs,thanksgiving,sfaut15
Spoonflower fabric

13) I liked the poodle fabric at spoonflower

I hurted my leg last week and now Mama won't let me run and play! She piled this up on the stairs to keep me down stairs by myself , it is not fair! But... I did get scrambled eggs and that made it better
I like to play it cool, but scrambled eggs with cheese?

I LOVE cheese!

More please!

now sit! Stay! visit these nice humans to see their lists!



  1. oh Milo... we hope everything is ok after a short rest... hugs to you. we love the fab flower sun... what a color...

  2. Hi LeeAnna! What?!! How did sweet Milo hurt his leg?? That must be some scary stuff you've piled on the stairs to keep Milo from joining you two upstairs. I think Milo needs an extra treat or toy just to help him heal better. {{Hugs}} I hope he's on the mend and back to running soon. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I have been really craving Greek food so coming up on our menu (that I just worked on last night) is: lamb gyros with tzatziki, Greek salad, naan and greek pizza! I forgot about a chicken souvlaki that I make so I need to add that in! Beautiful yellow mums, rusty leaves and blue sky!

  4. I was craving seafood last week, and splurged on 1 pound of king crab at the store on Saturday. It was so good, even though it wasn't delivered to the table by a waiter.

    The poodle fabric is just the cutest!! Hope his leg heals quickly.

  5. What a lot of fun likes! I might have to try that Greek recipe-it sounds so good. I signed up at library for the book. I forgot about that series already. Ugh. Milo looks good considering —so you’re doing good by him.

  6. Your yellow mum is gorgeous! Mine are done already! If I had a place for them, I’d try to put them in the ground this fall and see what happens! Hope Milo is getting better every day! It hard when our fur babies are hurting! I’ve only had Greek food a few times, but love tzatziki . I’m sure I can’t buy it locally! Online, here I come!

  7. I sure hope that smoke gets out of town and leaves you alone. That cake sounds like a real yummer. Hey Milo, I hope your leg is all better soon so you can run and romp again. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. Hi,
    Your Blueberry Cake looks so yummy. Never had Greek food before, but yours sounds really yummy. Hope Milo is feeling well soon and love the Poodle fabric. Have a great day!

  9. Hi LeeAnna,
    That's my kind of cooking :) a bit of this and that...mix, cook, fry and there you have it !
    Wishing you smoke free air ! Here, one neighbour has started his wood stove and it stinks..really ugh. 3 air purifiers in our home to improve air quality.
    Love your arts!

  10. I love seeing your art and it's neat to find out some of the products you like. That blueberry cake looks amazing! Enjoy your day!

  11. Hoping that leg is better so you can have fun. Smoke is no good go go get away

  12. My girlfriend recommended The Great British Baking Show too. I am going to have to give it a try. My hubby loves to watch cooking shows. That chicken sounds delicious! I am missing our nearby Greek diner too.

  13. Hello,

    The blueberry cake does look delicious! Your art work and fabrics are so pretty. I hope Milo's leg is healing. Since Covid started I am missing all my favorite restaurants. Take care! Have a great day!

  14. I love your leaf photo with the red/orange leaves - so pretty! Your mantel of paintings is so happy. I think color, in all different forms, helps us in these wacky times. The Greek chicken meal sounds yummy! And I agree with Milo - scrambled eggs must have cheese! :)

  15. On no, Milo...sorry to hear you got injured. Hope you recover quickly. I'm sure a busy boy like you has lots of places to check out. Feel better soon, buddy.

  16. That poodle fabric is awesome!!!!!
    I'm so excited for the train wreck of The Bachelorette!!! LOL

  17. LOVE the blue sky photo! I really think I'd like your chicken recipe. SEW looking forward to seeing how that Leaf quilt finishes up!

  18. Milo, now what did you do? Take it easy enjoy your eggs and cheese and get better. Great like. The leaves are gorgeous. So is your flower a little forget me not? Your meal sounds good. I order out every now and then, because cooking for one sucks. Thanks for encouraging us and keeping us all tiptoeing on the sane side. :D

  19. Hope Milo's feeling better! Love all your special moments and observations this week

  20. I really enjoyed the posts this week. I hope Milo’s leg is better soon. My post is live now.

  21. Wow, lots of great likes. All the food looked great (especially scrambled eggs with cheese - I'm with Milo on that one!). Your paintings are lovely and that fall fabric made me smile. :-)

  22. That's a gorgeous mum. Just like the sun in a pot. I'm tired of cooking the same things all the time and I'm tired of the same takeouts. We don't have a lot of choices in our small town. I did make a really good cauliflower pesto with linguine this week from Smitten Kitchen and my husband said it was a keeper. Hope Milo heals quickly so he can romp around again.

  23. I hope you ordered the poodle fabric! Milo needs a quilt, I think! Poor fella - what did he do to his leg? I'm curious about what you've been sewing. Your Greek meal sounds tasty!

  24. Flower arrangements are always a joy to behold. You got a beautiful pooch. Have a great weekend ahead!

  25. I wondered about The Amazing Race! I had heard it started filming early this year, but they had to stop and come home when the pandemic hit. Figured what's showing is not that. Can you imagine waiting two years to a) tell ANYbody how you did and b) get your prize money? Yeesh!

    I saw, earlier this week, that Aurora is one of the ten fastest-growing large cities in the country. There must be growing pains involved! That may explain some of the lack of services.

  26. So much joy in this post! Thank you for all the lovely flower photos! Your posts always make me happy!

  27. We don't have cable and I feel like I miss out with these shows as so many watch them. Loved your food talk; it seems everything else that others are cooking sounds so good to me and better than anything I'm cooking. I also made note of those hair products because I need help. I love Spoonflower and the Great British Baking Show too. The Canadian version had Dan Levy as one of the comedian helpers...he was so kind.

  28. Your posts make me smile. (Annie's Friday Smiles). You are so busy, and like me you find fun and enjoyment in a wide range of things.
    I love colour too (See last week's post for my latest finished project), reading though I don't find enough time for it, and baking, so we have a few things in common. Sorry I am too late to comment some weeks but this week I am on target. Kate x

  29. It appears you LOVE reality shows, LeeAnna. I've never watched ANY of them, so I had a good laugh at your take on their performances.

    Your Greek food sounds wonderful, but your sweet baked goods even better. What a great way to use your cider. Those eggs look wonderful, too. Nothing better with scrambled eggs than cheese. Have a super weekend, since I'm here today for Friday Smiles, dear.

  30. Great ost again but of course I only visit to see Milo he's so beautiful though I quite like the cakes too. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  31. I shall have to check out that Elizabeth Gilbert book sometime.

  32. Thanks for that nice recipe! Your desserts look delicious. We've been watching the British Baking Show on Netflix also. It's so fun to watch! You should get fabric made with Milo all over it! I'd buy some!!

  33. I used to live in Crofton, MD and miss Annapolis quite a bit. My son was born there....sweet memories. Thanks for linking up and have a great week ahead.

  34. I like Thursday's too, and your mantle of art, gourmet looking wrap and your golden mums!

  35. Oooo... I want to hang out with you on a Thursday!