Friday, October 9, 2020

paint party Friday

 19 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Beat Artist's Block

Welcome to this week's painting post... it's been a worrisome week for me and not a lot of painting. 

I did continue to follow along best I could on the free online course Start Your Art and learned a few tips along the way. Unfortunately I didn't paint any masterpieces. I might just share a couple points that hit home however, and I did paint portraits of the teachers so there is that. 

It's good practice for "seeing" 

from one teacher I learned that painting a color wheel with your own paints is a record of how they look on your paper... She would hold her chart up to a real item to be painted and get an idea of what color to use for realism. Smart.

I also learned when blending the secondary colors you won't necessarily use equal amounts as different colors come in different intensities... good to know!

I was challenged to paint using two colors only, and all the ways you could blend them... I watched and will try that soon... it wasn't the week for concentration. I also spent most of my time this week in the studio working with fabric, and listening to my book City of Girls.

From the classes I learned the value of creating a storyboard. I'm not a big planner, I work intuitively using everything I've learned along the way, using inspiration from odd sources, using my wonderful supplies. I do not plan well. It takes joy away for me, but.... but... I saw the value in a storyboard. 

Especially for fabric art. Collect representative colors, textures, mood words, pictures all in one little sheet, to see them together. It's got a place...

One person taught us a LOT, maybe too much info, on calligraphy. I didn't want to rush out and get her supplies but I had lettering markers from a Christmas present so at least I took them out of their package and put ink to paper to try some of the lessons. Push down when going downward for a thick line, and light as air coming up for a thin line.

One speaker say to meditate, see what images come to you, what colors, what words...

It was really too difficult to concentrate (my poodle had injured his leg the night before and worries of having to see a vet in an area where they don't take covid seriously makes us scared) but I tried to meditate with her, and saw blue and green, and wings so I put that down. I see this exercise could jumpstart an art quilt session.

I did a quick collage yesterday after listening to another teacher, who's lesson did nothing for me but it slowed me down mentally enough to at least do a page in the journal from ripped papers and paint.

 because I love this song, it's Fall, and it's Neil Young and Nora Jones together... enjoy the music and scenery

and another request to take covid seriously. Unless you have daily tests for you and everyone around you in order to catch it early, unless you have top national medical care and access to cutting edge treatment, unless you can be whisked to a top hospital before showing symptoms, you are at risk.

 I heard a story this week from my friend, about one of her relatives.  A woman who didn't believe it was a threat, went about her life as normal, gave it to her son, dil and their tiny baby. It's not responsible or kind  to ignore this health crisis that is world wide.

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  1. You have made some good art. Great idea with the storyboard! Have a great weekend and happy PPF, Valerie

  2. You made a lot of art this week. I am with you as far as art. Intuitive, spontaneous that's what works for me too. Sounds like you got a lot of info form the classes. As far as covid there are far too many people who think it is nothing. Then you have results like you shared. It's a mess.

  3. I have no experience from art teachers. I followed my own feelings... sometimes I'm satisfied the result, sometimes not.
    Your collage page is good and the message clear.
    Happy weekend ❤️

  4. Let your art sooth your soul. Hope that poodle boy isn't hurt too badly and is already healing. We're doing our best to stay safe, but not be too paranoid around our house. Chose not to attend a wedding sadly. We wear our masks, wash our hands frequently, pick up our groceries curbside, etc. I have noticed that staff at post office, groceries, etc all have been wearing masks and often gloves too. I had to go into a store this week, and the clerk asked me to wait while she sanitized the conveyor belt before I set my purchases on it. Made me feel good to see that.

  5. Your storyboard is really cool and it is always fun to see what you're up to with your wonderful art!

  6. So sorry about you fur baby. I hope you're able to get some good care and feel safe as well. Although I am involved with our upcoming son's wedding we do our best to stay safe. And anything, anywhere we are in public (outside of a family/friend private small gathering)masks are worn. And sanitizing is thorough everywhere.
    As for your art, you did manage to get lots done, and have shahred some great tips as well. Happy PPF!

  7. I am also with you as far as art. Intuitive, spontaneous that's what works for me as well. seeing is wonderful way of living. hope curly top is better every day. your portraits are a really cool aside. have you sent an of them to your inspiring art coaches?
    stay well!!

  8. Lu your art today. Sorry to hear about your poodle getting hurt


  9. great beautiful pages! Wall quilt is so pretty
    get well soon your poodle
    Happy weekend!Take care, hug Elke

  10. How lovely to share everything you learned from art class. Lovely artworks and love the collage very much. Have a lovely weekend!

  11. what a delightful array of creations you have done ~ all very creative and colorful ~ love facial expressions on each one ~ Xox

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. I like seeing how and why people journal and where it takes them. This was an interesting post for me. Love the quilt board. That must be a treat to have! hugs-Erika

  13. I agree. I’ve even held off taking my brother to the dentist for a cleaning all this year! And,he needs it. This pandemic has shown me just how many people are selfish by not wearing a mask or social distancing.
    Your portraits are so interesting. I hope Milo is better now.

  14. I joined that class, but haven't seen a single entry yet. I hope I find time to catch up soon and see at least a few of the classes before they disappear. You did GREAT.

    I've always wanted a story board, but really a board that would hold my fabrics, too. I'm like you when it comes to paper, but fabric often baffles me and I can always use inspiration in the form of a wall board.

    I hope Milo is OK. He is so adorable.

  15. I think it's really cool that you're taking these courses, what a great idea to meditate before painting and creating. Oh I hope your little Milo is okay. People not taking the pandemic seriously just baffles me.

  16. Hi, I came across your post searching for a quote on Pinterest. Thanks for using one of my photos from Unsplash! d.hudson