Saturday, October 17, 2020

sewing Saturday options and choices Two designs from one block

Welcome to this week's sewing round up!  let's start the show, shall we?

Remember last week I made the lozenge blocks in RSC color of yellow for October! When I make those I sew the cutaway half square triangles and use them in a bonus quilt every month.
 They are 1.5" before finishing
                                         ... I made some leaf blocks which finish at 3" then started to play...
cute and graphic

also nice

I kind of like these flashes of color too!


love this!

the final design with 10 blocks

But then I wondered what they would be like with log cabins of fall fabrics around them...
I ended up liking both orientations, so I split up the blocks, did log cabins with 6, kept 10 in the more formal orientation that looked quite Art Deco to me and went in two directions at once!!!

I looked and looked to find just the right setting fabrics, the dragonfly is gold on cream, the corners are my fave metallic gold on white swirls, and the border fabric is a batik that made me think of the "deco" style.

I think it's going to look very pretty quilted in metallic gold with crystals or beads on it! 

Can you believe it's made with the tiny HST's that most people would have cut and thrown in the trash?

the logs were lots of fun! Some hand dyed fabric, some fall scraps. Some leaf blocks some interesting squares used instead on other blocks, all carefully sewn and put together into a swirl of colors like fall is to me

Then I thought, what about some tiny geese inserted into the border? so out came the scraps and I printed some little paper piecing lines and put on my book


 so I have more decisions to make on this one... the border fabric I like best, the blue with bats is no longer available and I only have a fat quarter left. There are not that many blue fall fabrics out there.

Does that happen to you? 

so I am assured of lots of sewing fun the next week.

 I'll leave you with the thought that covid numbers are high, because our country didn't take action during the first shut down,  preferring to pretend this wasn't real... nearly 2 thousand people are going to be dying a day. EVERY day I hear about a friend who is touched by it

PUT ON A MASK! Even republican politicians are now calling for them after they spent time in the ICU because they didn't take this seriously. It's not political even though they've tried to make it so. It's a global HEALTH CRISIS  

I am just an older artist, trying to live in peace... sorry for feeling like I have to at least keep saying it here but I pray for guidance daily and am told to use my voice.


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  1. Very cool projects. Tiny geese!

    Oddly enough, since covid, I rarely wear a bra, even in public. (But I do wear the mask!) I guess I traded one for the other.

  2. Those are both so fun, and such different looks! I always enjoy reading about your process.

  3. Oh, those tiny golden geese... LOVE!!!

  4. You are having great fun with all of these tiny pieces and the results will be so cute.

  5. when i was young and tan and lovely, i sewed bikinis for myself.
    as i started to make masks earlier this year i felt like i was making a uni bra for the your quilts from scraps and bits a bobs.

  6. The way that your small triangles fit together into a regular pattern is very fascinating. I’m not a crafter of any kind, but I love to see how you do it.

    Sad how our country is so blind to the reality of disease and huge numbers of prematurely dead people, but everyone things it’s someone else’s problem, someone else’s life. We are steeped in selfishness.

    be well... mae at

  7. It was fun to scroll through and see all the fun uses of those blocks. I like what you settled on. As to the blue fabric, if you're on Instagram, you could post a photo and ask if anyone has some they could share or sell with/to you? You never know - you might find it! Those little geesies are so teensy!

  8. I'm trying to figure out what HST stands for that people would throw in the trash.These turned out great, though and I like how you used both sets. I'm especially partial to the Art Deco hanging. It's wonderful, but the log cabin looks like there was a LOT of work that went into it. Both are visually pleasing.

  9. I like both the pieces you made with your bonus HSTs. I'm currently making a Bonnie Hunter quilt called Star Struck and I'm making bonus HSTs from the cutoffs. Not sure what I'll do with them, but I can go to your blog and gets lots of ideas. Love the meme.

  10. I’m really good at saving the cut off half square triangles, not so good at using them. I need to take a lesson from you!

  11. Your quilts are always so cute. Love those leaves!

  12. What fun projects you are making. I have to say.... I think those yellow maple leaves are my favorites so far... but I guess I say that every month! Agree - not political but a health crisis that should be directed by knowledgable scientists.

  13. I always love to see what you are up to and your thought process as you put pieces together. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

    And thanks for using your voice...

  14. Your leaves are darling... how small are those little triangles? And, yep, mask wearing is needed and every reminder is well worth it if just one more person wears one. I'm proud that VA's numbers are not rising right now. But it could change rapidly.

  15. Both the options are lovely! The log cabin so colorful and cheerful!