Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday questions


Sunday Questions

1.What kinds of things do you like to write?
A: I love to write... I put words on art work, an am writing a novel, love to write editorials but few people get to read them. 
I'd say I like most to write descriptions... set a mood with words that take a reader to another place, a place they feel, see, smell, hear. That's when I go into my imagination and feel, see, smell or hear something and can build a bridge with words so others can experience it too. 
I am passionate about writing. 
I like to write what I think animals are thinking, I like to write about life from the perspective of an inanimate object or silent living thing. It connects me to life. 
Once on vacation at Lake Placid, we chatted to a man who was an editor for the the NYTimes. I told him I wrote, and he asked what genre. 
I looked at my husband, who was the one who read my stories. 
the best I could come up with was "slice of life"

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2. What is your favorite genre of movie
A: old musicals... or dramadies with good scripts d
Wizard of Oz, Into the Woods, American in Paris...

3. Your favorite song?
A: I love Girl from Ipanema sung by almost anyone. But my fave genre of music is 1920's to 1940's 

4. During what situation do your eyes shine the brightest?
A: dancing. Especially contra dance... I think my husband falls in love with me when I'm dancing and so happy. 
5. Summer or Winter?
A: cool weather is better for me
6. What do you do when you are angry?
A: shake, talk harshly, and when REALLY angry,  retreat into silence

7, Sleep with lights on or off ?

A: off but a night light in the hall in case we have to get up

8. Are you ok with eating alone in a restaurant?
A: it's uncomfortable not to have the stops and starts of conversation. Just eating I have to create pauses, put down my fork, look around. Then I wonder if people think I'm intrusive by looking at them. When I traveled alone thru Europe, dinner at night was the hardest, no one to talk over the day's adventure with, no one to sit comfortably in silence with.

9. Texting or calling?
A: calling because it's human contact. Texting is cold and abbreviated,  but talking to someone is important because it takes in tone, laughter, all the ways we connect and communicate. Texting just tells your side of things

10. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
A: oooo that's hard, I can criticize myself easily... I am invested. I care about life, learning, living things. I am interested in cultures and other people, animals, and art. I am fairly good with words and always try my best. I can be driving, or cooking, or making art but always want to do it well. 
I like my imagination

11. How do you act when you’re scared?
A: I go inward. I was scared of so much, growing up, especially the parents. I would go hide and now I mentally hide. I delay, ignore, procrastinate on decisions. Avoid. I go to my husband for reassurance. I remember in University psych class, we learned about a bird when stressed with a dangerous situation with no good choice... like guarding it's baby bird in nest or fleeing a hawk... might clean it's feathers. Do something totally different in response to a "rock and a hard place" 
Art is providing my feather cleaning at the moment

12. When you look at the sky do you first look at the moon, or the stars?
A: I look up. Whatever is bright catches my eye...usually the stars and planets, but I LOVE looking at the moon in all it's phases. I like the moon as it's bright but reflects the sun without having to be the sun. I always look for the face in the moon. 
Sadly we have so many raging wild fires in Colorado that smoke continuously blocks out the sky at night. 

13. Do you approach strangers when you are lost? 
A: yes. I like to think I have discernment and choose good people to ask. Once I was at the top of the peak in Arches park (Utah) loop and my car broke down. Miles from any help, no cell phones back then. My boyfriend and I despaired as it was getting late. A car approached on the one road in and out, I flagged them down and begged for assistance to the ranger's station and they drove us down. 
later my boyfriend said he would not have been able to do that.  

iced tea with no ice, straight up!

14. Tea or Coffee?
A: both. Sophie's choice here... coffee in the morning, tea at lunch

15. With sugar? Milk? Lemon? Anything else?
A: with coffee... milk   
with tea, nothing. Pure. clear. Hot or cold, usually cold, but always free of extras 
Sooooo what do you think? Any of these spark your own thoughts? Let me know! 

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  1. My soon to be ex-wife had to have a night light. I hated it. I need black. Now I have that. But now one more ex-wife..

  2. Loved your answer to #9. I miss that intimacy!

    Last night I rewatched Summer Stock (1950). It's not one that scholars point to as a great musical (like American in Paris), but I love it. The chemistry between Judy Garland and Gene Kelly was so authentic and the numbers (while low tech) were endearing. Sigh ... There's such a romance to those classic movies.

  3. What a gorgeous picture of the sky! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  4. I love a good musical. Now you’ve got me humming songs from “Into the Woods”

  5. I consider my blog a "lifestyles" blog and I think most of the meme participants fall into that category.

  6. These are tough questions. Not the last one tough. Tea. Always. Unless it is ice cream flavors. Then coffee. Happy new week.

  7. I enjoyed your answers. Some were quite tough. You and I sure don't have the same taste in music or movies, but I have seen a few of the ones you like because I get Turner oldies that I sometimes tune into. I am a huge fan of coffee. I drink it 24/7, but would never turn down a cup of tea. Clear and dark, just like you like yours.

  8. Ah, these are 'old soul' answers, I think! Fun to learn a bit more about you. Interesting about the bird preening its feathers....I've had to be brave so many times - I usually surprise myself with my courage in the moment and then afterwards I feel the fear. I love to write, too and once had a year-long column in the newspaper just by submitting a story. That was a moment of bravery that payed off....(although it was not a paid assignment). It was fun, though, but challenging. Sad about the wildfires - hope you get some rain soon. x K

  9. Thanks for helping us get to know you a little bit better. Traveling though Europe by yourself was a brave thing to do. I don't think I have ever eaten dinner in a restaurant by myself!

    And I'm with you on #13. People usually are happy to help a lost stranger.

  10. Thanks for those sturdy shadows from the flowerpots!