Tuesday, October 20, 2020

T is for Chooseday

waiting for Halloween!

 I'm linking with my friends at T is for Tuesday where we discuss our week, what we're making and include a drink of some kind! It's a very nice group of people.

So the weather has been hot and cold, a series of taking the potted plants to the garage, then bringing them back out, but the smoke is ever present. Two new fires have sprung up in Colorado...


on the design wall

I have been mostly sewing this week. Today I need to finish attaching the little dangling ghosties to the bottom of this year's halloween quilt and hang it up. I'm working on putting borders on these two Fall pieces and we have a food delivery today (fingers crossed they actually had most of the items we requested... we already know they are out of canned pumpkin) 

We went for a morning walk, I put away laundry from yesterday's drying rack, and have been in the studio planning my morning. 

The last few days, we've been enjoying this rooibos tea mid morning. I heat two cups, use one teabag and it makes two small cups for us to share. This says it's herbal, no caffeine, and delicately flavored


today's mug is a cardinal... I'm starting to think about making some Christmas items next... I like to work in the colors of a current season but I do have a lot of Christmas fabric and it's coming up soon enough!

today is Jelly Roll Morton's birthday so in honor of that...

just in case, this is the link

 and here is my message for America


consider the common good when demanding your way  


to-do Tuesday 

T stands for Tuesday... like a "drink' post


  1. I like the boat story... it fits so perfectly!!!

  2. Hope your grocery order is complete. I am working on my order for tomorrow. The boat story made me think . . . yesterday the mayor of Sioux Falls held a press conference and he kept saying "wear the dang mask". He has indicated that a mandate isn't enforceable, but that ALL people need to take responsibility for each other. He does mandate them for city employees while at work.

  3. Great boat story ~ I'm with you in that I like to work with the colors of the current season. I'm starting to hear Christmas music in Lowes and hobby lobby so If your ready I guess you can move on to winter colors. Spicy tea sounds like a nice treat ~ Enjoy!

  4. Hi LeeAnna and Milo! Halloween will be here soon enough. That tea in your cardinal mug sounds delicious. I hope they can get the fires under control quickly. {{Hugs}} Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Twinning tea is a good tea! I too like orange spice, this time of year especially, but always. I’m interested in the orange cover/ insert in your Pyrex measuring cup. I’ve owned my Pyrex for years...do I need to update? That’s so neat!
    Your design wall is fabulous! Interesting!

  6. Loving your photos, the waiting for Halloween one is so cute 😁. I'd happily join you for a cup of that yummy orange and cinnamon spice tea and the cardinal mug is gorgeous! I've been making Christmas card this week 😉. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  7. Ha- great boat story! Love the colors of your fabrics on your board for the quilt. Beautiful cardinal cup too. Happy T day!

  8. Great meme about the boat, whose wisdom would be lost on the dumpsters. Only two more weeks, pray for a landslide. Cold and rainy here today, but they say 76 on Friday. I should work on one of them UFO fall themed pieces.

  9. Your dog is so pretty. Love all the sewing and that mug is beautiful. Sorry you still have fires. We do too but they are mostly under control.

  10. Your quilt is beautiful! Love the colors and the pattern.
    Happy Tea Day,

  11. Great story! Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Yes, we hope there will be no chance for another 4 years of sinking the ship of state! Your boat story doesn't mention what happens when the captain tells people it's their right to dig through the floor and flood their own cabin. And so on.

    be safe! mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  13. I like your boat story,and I hope you share your finished quilt(s) with us. It sounds like you had a good week. What's your pup's name? Hope it was a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  14. Last night before I was going to leave a message, I got up to get coffee. When I did, I must have hit my computer screen because when I got back, my screen was black. I even rebooted and tried the little lights that adjust the screen. I was sick about it, but waited until today when I could see better what was going on. I finally found I had accidentally unplugged one of the cords that hooks the screen to the hard drive box. I am so glad I didn't need a new computer screen. And now it's nighttime and I am running very far behind.

    I have been seeing the fires that have broken out near you. I was a bit worried because if the fires don't get you, the smoke could. Please stay safe.

    We've had cold and hot days here, too. It's been so dry (no rain the entire month of October). So far I haven't had to bring plants in, but I will on Thursday when they tell us there will be a hard freeze.

    Milo looks really happy around your plants. They are beautiful.

    I can't wait to see your Halloween quilt finished. If I get time, I might make a small quiltlet (5.5 X 8 inches) to hang on the door for Halloween. Yours is fabulous.

    I love orange cinnamon spice tea. It sounds wonderful. And I am in total AWE of that cardinal mug. It is beautiful. You probably don't know, but I collect cardinals (along with rocking horses), but I've never had a cardinal mug. Thanks for sharing your quilt and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear LeeAnna. Again, sorry I'm so late visiting.

  15. First of all, that is a gorgeous poodle! Your quilts are wonderful looking. I used to hand quilt, but have arthritis, so not sure I could anymore. Your tea looks and sounds good, too. Great boat story. Happy T Day!

  16. I'm waiting for Halloween, too! Beautiful quilts and your boat story is very apt. I can smell the orange and cinnamon spice tea and just love your cardinal mug. Happy T Day

  17. An absolutely beautiful poodle! So stately, those eyes! Beautiful colors in your sewing.

  18. I (or should I say 'we' as my hubby stopped to listen) enjoyed the Jelly Roll Blues. Thanks fro brightening my day.
    Yes, that tea sounds really nice. I have something similar.
    Your quilting is exquisite as usual and the boat story is very apt for these times.
    Sorry for the late comment,
    Have a good week,

  19. My hubs just flew over CO on a quick day trip to AZ and took an aerial pic of one of the fires--interesting view from up there. The tea sounds yummy, and seasonal.

  20. Happy Thursday, LeeAnna ... thank you for the smiles. Please give Mr Milo a rub behind the ears from me. The improvised buffalo chicken pasta dish looks yummy. My favorite way to cook. putting together what is at hand and making a delicious meal. Your design wall is a feast for the eyes ... :) Pat

  21. The fall quilt looks very interesting. I don't see any ghosties. So I hope you'll show the finished quit. That's a lovely mug.

    The boat image was on my FB feed this morning. I shared too!

    Happy T-Day. Stay safe and well. Hugs, Eileen