Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Taking a break, taking a walk

Fall berries
The orange fall berries are in full color. Next to mums and pumpkins, they are a brilliant reason to take a walk. When I am stuck in a design decision limbo, a walk clears my head. This walk turned into a clown event though, and I couldn't think for the poodle antics happening. I'll let Cole tell you about it...

Cole: We started out the way we always do... "Cole stay with mommy, no pulling Cole, Cole stop sniffing and come ON"   Mommy just doesn't get the need to leave a calling card, come to think about it, I've NEVER seen her or Daddy pee on anything outside... (shakes dog head)
I had been on a chipmunk hunt because they have  gone bonkers this fall, scampering around with those little squeaks, running up our gutters, eating seeds, drinking water from the fountain, taunting me.
I ran into my friend Sam
and he told me there was some excitement up ahead. He's a great one for chat, never stops barking actually but like a lot of big talkers, sometimes a soundbite of real news comes out.

After a bit of sniffing I continued on to find this:
ALL Riiiiiight!  Paw pump!

 Perfect! a new cat all puffed up, and within jumping distance, wait, curse the arthritis...

 well, I can stop and stare at it ALL DAY if need be.

Crazy squirrels and wacky chipmunks, branches of dried leaves to be shaken, cooler weather, cats on walls,  now THAT's Fall to me!

I got dragged away before the cat came down, I tried to reason with mommy but she was all, "I've got quilts to make, we have to go home" She has definitely not learned that it's better to sniff now, and hunt while you can. Priorities!

Happy Fall hunting ya'll and remember don't spend so much time in the studio that you miss the chipmunks.

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  1. Amazing! That wall of fall berries is so beautiful. When I was a little girl there was a berry bush right outside my bedroom window. Oh how I loved that bush...when the berries bloomed I knew fall was here!! Thank you for taking me back, even for a moment. I also love the cat/dog stare-down. The cat looks very Halloweenie!