Friday, October 4, 2013

Sky Wip

sky wip
My good sewing friends often gift me with their scraps. I LOVE scraps. So this week when I needed some medicinal quilting time, I pulled out the latest offerings which included a few little leftover bargello strips, mostly one inch wide unfinished.
I placed them as they were meant to be. NAH!

Then I moved them around, resewed some bits until I liked the blend of intensity.
I thought it would become some kind of pieced sky component for another quilt. After matching all the tiny squares, and pressing I put it on the design wall and decided it might be okay on it's own.
 I considered stencils, maybe this time with inks, or maybe my favorite seta shimmers. The following pictures are different stencils currently under consideration.

While considering this I pieced another strip of the tiny bits, and placed it over the background. Whoa!
Now it looks like a sound wave.

 I called DH, our resident electrical engineer into the studio. He called it "insert-technical-name-here"
I asked if he'd like to see it in an office boardroom.

After careful consideration of just how much trouble he'd be in for honesty, and considering the weekend coming up where we'd be in close proximity for two days, he gently said,

 "I'd prefer some of your other work over this"
After 20 years he's getting good!
Anyway, I like it, but like most experiments, there are many options, so I get a bit lost in all the choices and don't want to limit myself to one so it might languish in the wip pile. I need to learn to just choose one and move forward with the next scrap adventure, there will always be another. Thanks to good friends with left-overs to share.
Tell me what you would do!


  1. Looks good! Lots of people stenciling lately. I'll have to give it a try.

  2. I love the blue stripes and I really really like the idea of the sound wave. To me the whole thing feels a tiny bit busy with all the tiny squares of the background competing with the similar sized piecing in the foreground.

    Perhaps a new background made from strips instead of squares and in values that were pretty different from the sound wave bit might make the sound wave bit pop some without feeling like so much is going on. Just a thought!

    I kind of like the stencil idea on the blue patchy background, especially the bird- it might feel like a yummy winter scene that way. Can't wait to see where you go!

  3. Smart man! That DH - lol! It certainly has possibilities. I think I would use it as a sky for an ocean or lake landscape by continuing with the little bits but in the darker hues making the body of water. Then maybe a ship or sailboat appliqued over it all?

  4. When I saw the stencil placed on top before I read the text, I thought you had a piece of white fabric and you were going to do some reverse applique. Doing reverse applique would cover a lot of the background, but it would make an interesting design. You could do it so that not too much background was covered. and you could alter the foreground with bits of solid white and solid dark blue fabrics to focus on fabrics that get exposed underneath.

  5. You have been so creative this week! I might be jealous. I'd email you, but I only have my tablet which doesn't store my email or addys once I read email on the home computer. Send me you number again so I can call later.

  6. I like your husband's diplomacy. I am a traditionalist. I see that as a snowy background. I want a tree appliqued in. The stencil might be good but I think it needs to be a little stronger in front of all the tiny pieces. JMHO. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  7. I like the "sound wave." The stencils all look too small scale to me..