Monday, September 30, 2013

Creativity Roadblocks 1. our thoughts

 Who are you? Who, who who who?   ( from The Who) 

In my lectures on creativity I ask what roadblocks must be overcome to live a more creative life. The answers are usually the following:  work and family obligations, space or lack of it, lack of organization, injuries and illness, lack of skills, perfectionism,  lack of ideas, unable to narrow choices, and others. I'll discuss ways around these in the next few weeks.
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 The worst  roadblock in my opinion, is telling yourself, saying the words,  you are not creative.

 It's my belief that we won't be creative as long as we believe we are not creative. Creativity  is a survival technique for life.

Do your thoughts get in your way? 

Self-limits might come from long-ago comments made by others. They become hard wired in our brains until we believe that's who we are.Surely we can throw away limiting thoughts like we do with any other rubbish. 

Personally, I am trying to quiet the inner critic in my brain, the one who says I am unable to understand the blankety-blank computer, and replace those thoughts with, "it may be a nuisance but I can learn to use the computer to suit my needs" There are a lot of creative uses for computers, after all. I can do it!

Imagine if everyone fired their inner critics, gave themselves permission to play and make mistakes, and were brave enough to be truly original!   I want to be a part of that world.

Allowing yourself to be creative is nothing new to the people reading this blog, but you know others who need to be encouraged, don't you? 

I'd love to hear not only what gets in your way but ways you've overcome blocks to your own creativity.
Hope you are making something original today.  LeeAnna

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