Saturday, October 12, 2013

stencil and paint, update

sky WIP   "Sound Waves" (c) LAPaylor 2013
I decided to play with paint yesterday and made some awesome samples that I am not sharing yet. I learned a lot, and developed a technique that needs fleshing out before sharing.  After having to throw away all my Jacquard StarBright paints, and drying my tears, I pulled out my favorite new paint, SETA shimmers.
I'll have one of each please. Or two of each, just to keep my hoarding license up to date.

I pulled back out the sky wip discussed previously  CLICK HERE  and decided, why pick one idea when you can do two! So I put the bird on with a mix of Seta and Jacquard paints, and then will also add the sound wave bits. I can hear heads shaking from here... it's a teensy bit busy. It is, and will be okay. Wait and see.  LeeAnna

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