Sunday, October 27, 2013

painting with pine needles

Ah, paint, we've been here before, n'est pas?  In my creative life everything looks like an experiment, so when I nearly skidded off the pine needle covered sidewalk yesterday, I thought how can I bend these to my will, evil laugh, twirling of moustache.

 I scooped up a handful, alined them, put a rubber band around the bunch, and got out my ironing board again.  This time I got out a styro meat tray and dabbed on four paints to blend with a foam brush.
The first attempt was probably the best. The needles were fresh, I was fresh, no one wanted to burn the other yet.
I might like the paper that was under the twigs the best of the day see below...

I dabbed, and pressed, dabbed and pressed thinking I'd get some cool thin imprints sort of grass like. I didn't count on the paint blending to a muddy icky brown on the muslin. Then in my belief that more is never enough, I thought to save the mess by adding some more, and it got steadily muddier.
I think I'll be able to add ink lines if it every dries. Metallic quilting lines will add a lot, and it was a stimulating day. It took about 30 minutes to get flicked paint off my person, maybe my eyes, and hey, painted clothes are cool right?  at least the dog is black, and eventually the evidence will be trimmed off.
go experiment, people, nothing to see here!
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