Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Going south for the winter?  A sure sign of Fall.

Psst! sorry for the second post of yesterday's leaf picture. We had a blogging disaster here at chez paylor this morning. While trying to delete today's mess of a post and start over, the computer and I lay ALL the blame on it, deleted yesterday's post too. OMG!  Blogger had not cached the week's posts so we had to go into DH's computer memory and find the post he read this morning.Luckily it was cached. We nabbed it, and I reinstated it. Whew! I need to learn yet another computer skill of how to back up blogs. I am exhausted of learning all the computer skills. People ask why I am not on other social media, and I say, it's all too much! I re-ran it because the blog keeps some memories for me as well as giving me a way to connect with others.
There are many things I have to do, and other things I need to do, just like all of us living in the real world.
In my heart... 

  Really, I just want to sew and paint and play with shiny sparkly things. You know?


  1. My flamingos flew South last week.... I miss them already:-(

  2. I just had to the humor!!!