Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beauty in an ending

Fall leaf on white mums

This leaf was brilliant! DH probably wonders why I walk with my head down, but I don't want to miss any of the individually "painted" leaves! Nature's art show. Let's face it, some sunsets look like abstract paintings.

This leaf looked tie-dyed and I didn't want to miss an opportunity to paint it, or make a quilted one. Sometimes life really is in the details, no? I did not find the leaf laying artistically on the mums, I found it hiding on the poor excuse for grass in the backyard. I picked it up, and arranged it on the mums, then took several pics from different angles, and it became like a composition study in a moment. For instance:

here is is on the deck railing. Doesn't show well.

The one thing I didn't photo was the original grass location. It would have popped against the green.

You do see the tie-dye effect better with the lighting here. 
This is on the deck table, with side light. It glows but you don't see the color change or veining I liked.

Moving the leaf around and playing with contrast is like auditioning background fabrics. There is an interplay of color and contrast that impacts a piece of art, even a leaf.

Now I wish I had taken photos in other locations. The leaf is gone, it's beauty was momentary, so I'm really glad I noticed it. Notice the beauty you stumble over.

You might remember this picture of spooky bark
from an earlier post,    LOOKIE HERE

I often stop on walks, and rearrange the leaves I see into pleasing compositions. DH is used to me stopping to see a detail others wouldn't notice. There was that time the walls of a display at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore struck me as a quilting pattern. The display items were just in my way.

So that's a peek into my creative life. It's just a way of viewing life. Leaves are falling all around me today, beauty is momentary, I hope I don't miss any of it. 
dedicated to Lisa Q an art quilter who passed away this week, who shared her beauty with us daily

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