Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Flamingo Sketch

Fall Flamingo
I am still trying to do a sketch/watercolor a day. I think it's good visual training, what to include, what to leave out, how colors blend or not, just how weird my mind works... er... use of imagination.

You won't be seeing any poodle love around her for a while. I came back after a short walk alone last evening to find carnage. The poodle-who-must-not-be-named had visited my cache of watercolor sketches on the coffee table, opened the notebook, chose the one I loved the most and ATE IT.
Granted, he only ate half of it, but the message was clear.

Someone said he probably wanted to go on a walk too. Probably. He had been on two walks already, gone to the store with me including actually going in, shopping every shelf he could reach and greeting several people, eaten three bowls of food, chased critters and in general had a fairly good dog day. Since he turned age 11 he mostly walks like Tim Conway playing the little old man on the Carol Burnette show, remember him? It's an exercise in frustration for me, and like trying to ride a bike too slowly, you feel like you might fall over just walking.

Back to the sketch. I tried drawing from imagination again in the above sketch. Prismacolor watercolor pencils, blended while dry, then I applied water via a paintbrush. This time I wet, then re-wet the brush not to muddy colors on the paper. Then I dragged the brush from object out into the background paper.  The proportions are wrong, but it was a quick attempt, not too much thought, just running amok with paint.

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Mary in Boulder said...

Bad dog! He must think he's still a puppy.
I see you got the copyright notice to show on your photo; good on you!

Maria said...

Stunning !

Gemma@prettybobbins said...

Just lovely!

Regina B Dunn said...

I like how you combined the leaf and the flamingo. Aw, you can't be angry for long at your poodle. They're so cute even when they misbehave.

Amy @ Amy's FMQ Adventures said...

You nearly gave me heart failure when I read no poodle love and carnage! I thought the worst. Glad to know Cole is merely in the doghouse and not in the doghouse in the sky.