Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My prayer flag

Prayer Flag
 This is a picture of my prayer flag being taken to trade at the Houston Show in a few weeks. It is primitive, not quite straight but neither am I. It is painted on raw silk/linen with jacquard metallic paint, machine embroidered with metallic madeira thread. The  words obviously hand written, crookedly too, in zig calligraphy pen,  hand stitched to a felt backing with ArtFabric thread and some beads. ( I have removed the butterfly button but can't get another photo as there is no sun today)

I dithered over the prayer to send. I considered "connect"  as that's my thing. But at the last minute I was drawn to "grow strong".

My prayer is that we find the strength to  persevere through hardships, grow with challenges, become stronger in our daily outlook. Strength isn't force, it's quiet, day to day choice to keep trying.

Love, Lee Anna

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  1. That's beautiful, Lee Anna! Thank you for sharing. Whoop whoop!!

  2. Love this!! Really really do...shared it with my daughter for inspiration.