Thursday, October 3, 2013

Realism and sketches

Realism anyone? 

 Okay, yesterday I showed something sketched and painted from imagination. I stretched my skills to include graphic fillers, using another medium, allowing myself to share personal artwork that could possibly be mocked. The process was important for my growth, and for those of you who actually read my words, I thank you for taking that little jaunt with me.

 Today's sketch/turned painting is more in my wheelhouse, if I have one other than fabric. If I can see it, I can try and draw it. Easier to go from real objects to paper for me than from photos or imagination.

From my perch on the porch I see the rattan chair, the porcelain bird, the flamingo and the fountain.
Still, perspective is a challenge so there was learning from doing. There was the mix of pencil colors, and I've decided that DH who is generous but gift impaired has an easy gift for Christmas.... prismacolor watercolor pencils in a larger selection, Dick Blick honey.

After sketching and coloring in like a child would, I dipped my finger in water and went over the images blurring the colors.

I decided realistic paintings are easier for me because I am somewhat limited by what I see whereas when I paint from imagination the choices are unlimited. So many choices to make!

On my walk today I heard my favorite bird singing. Some birds have found their note, their song and that's what they sing. Many artists have found their style and that's what they want to make.

 The bird singing today is one who sings two bars of one song, then sings two repeats of another song, then two repeats of a third song, and so on.
That bird is my style. Sing it all, try it all, enjoy the diversity, repeat what you find enjoyable, learn new songs every day, sing what you want to sing.  There is room in my world for realism and abstract and all the area that intersects. I revisit different series on different days, some days I want to do abstracts some days I want to do whimsy, and who am I to tell the muse she's wrong? That's my style!

LeeAnna , making what she likes

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