Friday, October 25, 2013

Pressing matters, paint tutorial

 I saw this perfect little leaf on my walk today. It was shaded just so, and had the cutest little hole, like a beauty mark! I thought, wonder if there is anyone who hasn't painted stuff, then pressed it onto fabric?? This is the way I did it today...
 I gathered some textile paints, some muslin scraps, a foam brush, the lid from a plastic bin, some freezer paper, and my ironing board so I could do the whole thing outside at a comfortable height. I can lift my I.B. but not the tall table, so this becomes my makeshift work station when I do smelly stuff.
I placed the real leaf on the freezer paper, painted it mixing colors as I went. Then laid it paint side down on the fabric, put a piece of paper over it, and smoothed it gently with my hands til I felt all the paint transferred. Then I lifted off the paper, then gently lifted off the leaf  (see pic below)

I continued with the same leaf, repainting over and over until I used up my scraps and got tired of it.

I used a sea sponge to dab paint around the leaf shapes to give it more depth. 
 Let the prints dry, place between  plain muslin as a pressing sheet, iron,  and there you go! They needed a bit of ink pen detailing for impact, and boy oh boy will they look cool with metallic threads and quilting!
I am mostly finished with my Thankful Exchange squares and have had such a great time. I'll post pics later but decided to add one of these leaves to my exchange blocks. I put fusible on the back, cut around the leaf and fused to the 6 inch square, ready to be quilted and embellished and join the others.

Happy painting y'all
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  1. I just love how you mind works! Fantastic :-)

    1. ha! It's a crowded place, my mind!
      Thanks so much for reading and the fun comment my friend

  2. LeeAnna I use my ironing board for sandwiching my quilt. I love the height and its just perfect for folks who "don't do floors" anymore. :-) I love this project of yours...I'm into fabric now but this brings me back to my leaf painting and pressing days. All the best.

  3. Susan, thanks for commenting. You do know this was done on fabric, right?
    I am totally in love with fabric too. After a lifetime of trying craft techniques, I expect to always love fabric best.