Monday, October 14, 2013

Please do not disturb Creativity Roadblock #3

"Please do not disturb, I'm disturbed enough" (c) LAPaylor 2013
Today's Creativity Roadblock series continues with a discussion of interruptions.
I get so lost in thought sometimes, so focused on an idea, that when DH says something I jump!
Women multi-task well, but how does it effect your body?

This world is very distracting. One is expected to do more than one thing at once. An interesting quote from THIS ARTICLE says "Do two or more things simultaneously, and you'll do none at full capacity"

I am totally guilty of this and have been for years, and beyond that, thought it was a gift. I can't sit in front of a tv without my ipad, or a math puzzle or hand sewing. I think I am hearing it all til suddenly DH is mad at me for asking what's "going on in the story?" This ability to juggle was adaptive in my previous life as a caseworker. There were constant interruptions throughout the day, and each one was top priority and each one needed to be done first.

What if we decide making art, and the creative process is as important to us as say, answering the phone/doorbell, or folding the laundry, or watering the grass? What if we give the process, either the idea part or the production part, the time it's due? What if we schedule time for that part of ourselves that makes us a better us?

The hard part is on you now... I can't tell you how to prioritize your tasks, or how to turn off the demands of a child/dog/parent. I can tell you I am no longer at the whim of a phone ringing. I no longer feel the need to go to the door for every salesman. I often do not want the radio on when brainstorming ideas.

The tasks that have to be done, like making dinner, picking up children, going to an appt, a job, need to be done. I say, your creativity enhances your whole existence and deserves time as well, and so I encourage you to put yourself on the schedule. If you decide you are most productive in the mornings, then dedicate time each morning, or more time once a week, what ever works for you, to your process. Your mileage will vary, but put a bit of thought into how to give yourself some time to create.

My mommy friends have to schedule creative time, well creatively. The older the children are, the more you could explain to them about mommy's needs being as important as theirs. You can't ignore blood or fire, but you could remove yourself from being referee for a bit. I think it takes the decision that your needs are as important as other people's, then you won't feel guilty for taking a moment.

I do not know what interrupts your process. Is it your own thoughts that something isn't good enough? Is it the phone or checking social media? Is it another person? I can only suggest you start to notice what interrupts your art, and see if any of it can be removed as a roadblock.

LeeAnna, trying not to multi-task today
ps dh called while I was writing this, and said his plans for the day were interrupted by other demands at work.  Someone else prioritized his day for him! How annoying.... we can only control what we can.

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