Saturday, September 26, 2020

sewing red one more week

For this week's sewing round up... I did my improv log cabins in red for RSC, two hand pieced stars from Deb, and finished my Fall Home quilt for the online fall hop! 

That post is HERE and has two tutorials in it

blocks on the design wall

I got out my small red scraps and small white strips... lo and behold I have very few light scraps left after the last spate of sewing... and had to actually (horrors!) go to my yardage drawer of white. 

I was surprised to see a lot of light fabrics but very few that were tone on tone just for backgrounds. I don't tend to purchase those when I go shopping so I might have to actually buy some more. I love a mix of values in backgrounds. Where do you like to buy fabric online?

Gotta have a cow somewhere!!!

this is why I keep small pieces... that little cherry fabric strip was left over from a border print by Mary Englebreit... and it looks great pieced in.

Who knows what will become of all these improv blocks in all the colors I've done. I love them, and they are fun to make. Something from nothing. 

I have four red stars cut out to piece by hand, and after the big deadline push to finish Fall Home, I was glad to sit quietly in the studio on Friday, talk to my friend Diane in Texas, and hand sew on one of them. 

I wanted to paint on fabric,  I did a tree yesterday on paper with watercolors and thought how fun it would be to paint on fabric. 


Unfortunately we have so much smoke I get migraines when I spend any time on the patio nowadays (for many many weeks in a row now) but one day... soon I hope... I'll be out there seeing how this looks on cotton.



 scrap happy Saturdays


  1. Those star blocks are so cool. Do you only paint on fabric outside. I’m curious. I love that tree piece.
    Hope you get clear sky soon. We did this morning. I’m shocked.

  2. Love all the pretty reds! Your Deb blocks look great!

  3. Congrats on getting your Wonky Logs done in RED for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, LeeAnna, and another Endless Diamond, too!! Sorry that your air is still smoke-y. That tree painting is gorgeous!

  4. I love the star blocks. I've found some very interesting fabric on etsy. I've also had a good experience ordering from (looking for specific fabric I needed more of). My old local shop is online, and I hope to order from them at some point. I'll be curious where others go!

  5. I enjoyed your round-up, I especially like the log cabin designs in reds!

  6. You are so creative - love all the pretty fabrics and wonderful piecing. Sorry about the smoke. Ours is cleared now, but I was the same with the migraines. Hope you get some rain soon. Love the cute 'scissors' funny. We do have to guard those, don't we?! x K

  7. Those star block are amazing. And I can see the secondary design showing up now that you have the 2 together. Love those red log cabins too. But red is my favorite color, so red blocks just make me happy.

  8. I forgot about the star blocks and I was wondering what you planned to do with all the wonky log cabins. I guess you're still planning that part, huh? Wishing you blue skies and sunshine.

  9. I love the little details: the cow in the middle, the cherry strip. Delightful!

    And now for something completely different. Another quilter mentioned a mystery series she's enjoying. It's set in British high society in the '30--the Amory Ames books by Ashley Weaver. for more:

  10. what a beautiful quilt tapestry the colors and patterns are beautiful. The tree is fantastically painted with the colorful background!
    Have a happy sunday, hug Elke

  11. Sorry about the smoky air causing health issues. I hope the fires go out and the smoke clears soon so you can enjoy some outside time. Your painting is beautiful. Love the logs and your ED blocks. So many fun things happening in your sewing room.

  12. Beautiful projects! I love that Mary Englebreit border!

  13. Those patchwork designs are simply wonderful... those squares leading the eye inward - it looks impossibly complex to my non-sewing eye!

    Thank you for your lovely comment over at Words and Pictures and to answer your question - no, I'm afraid there's no tutorial for those paintings... I was following my heart at the time. And I'm not fabric proficient, so I really can't help with the idea of trying to recreate it in that medium!!

    But part of my reason for moving - mid-pandemic - to a new home in a new country is to create more space (physically and financially) for setting up filming and tutorials. And I would certainly consider sharing something similar to the paintings once I'm set up. It won't be before 2021 realistically, but watch the Words and Pictures space!
    Alison x

  14. I love that fall piece. Autumn hasn't hit us yet but I am so looking forward to it. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  15. Wow you have been productive! Way to go!

  16. LA - I need more red in my life. Just too many browns and blacks! Love the cartoon. What struck me is that she refers to them as her "good" scissors - which means she has multiples, like any good crafter. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  17. Such a shame about the smoke! I hope you get relief soon. Lovely red blocks! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.