Friday, September 18, 2020

paint party Friday bold color


Only one little painting to show today.... but I liked doing it!! 

I watched the forger's masterclass on Andre Derain, one of the fauvists, then googled fauvists and a new appreciation for the style grew in me.

We had snow last week, but not enough to put out wildfires so our air quality is awful. Our weather can go from 90 to 25 in one day, then back again. Such extremes led me to feel at home with the fauvists this week. I saw exhibits of their school of work at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC... and thought I did not like them. But look...

bold , unusual color forming lines to represent reality. It's hard with watercolor to capture the intensity though. 


Fauvism - Dan Dressler

but as I sat at my computer, and looked at the view out the back doors...

I thought... bold, not overworked, strong unexpected colors, simplify...


sorry  editing software won't let me bring it back to real saturation

 Painting makes me happy... learning makes me happy too... here's a quote for you

quote: by Clara Schumann, She said, "My imagination can picture no fairer happiness than to continue living for art."



  1. I love it!!! and I hope the weather will help to clear the air...

  2. I think you really captured the style!

  3. Love this art. We finally got rain today. I hope enough for the fires here. I guess I don't know where you live. I am in Oregon.

  4. Quite lovely. Your painting skills are getting better and better with each week.

  5. I watched the video and I absolutely loved it! Now I see how you approached your fun painting. Definitely will be watching the other episodes. Thank you for posting this. Liz in Houston

  6. It smokey here in North Idaho. I love it that you play with color...PPF

  7. Not sure I'll ever catch up, but I like your simplified watercolor. Of course, I like the view out your back yard and that Fauvist cat, too.

  8. "bold, not overworked, strong unexpected colors, simplify" - I like that! Thanks for sharing! Your painting is lovely, great use of colours!