Monday, September 28, 2020

Monday questions



 these Monday questions are provided by:Monday Madness

 1. My uncle once... 

Uncle NC who had a booming voice and was always laughing, often told me I was his favorite niece!  I felt so special! Then at one family event, I overheard him telling the same thing to a cousin... heyyyyyy.....

 2. Never in my life have I... 

you want me to list all the things I never did?? 

I'll just say, never in my life have I ever tried to hurt someone on purpose

3. When I was five my parents 

took us on a cross country drive, from Florida to CA in the family car. We picked up an aunt and uncle in TX on the way, drove through the painted desert where our AC went out, stopped in las vegas where  I wandered into a casino at the hotel while the parent was in the restroom, and everyone stopped playing at the table. I got my first barbie doll there, as my birthday happened while we were on that trip.

 4. High school was... 

scary and fun. I joined groups and got a taste of belonging while becoming a unique person. I was in the French honor society, the marching band, a service group, and systematically lost a lot of weight by eating very little and learning to jog daily. We went out to shakeys pizza after all the football games, some of us still in band uniforms, we also TP'd friend's yards, and talked incessantly. I started going to a friend's church which became a second family to me.

 5. I will never forget to...   


 6. Once I met 7...

women in ballet class... I had finally lost a lot of weight, and always wanted to dance so I became brave enough to risk taking a class where I had to show up in leotard and tights twice a week. We all became close friends and did shows together. I was 18 years old!

7. There’s this boy I know... 

knew? I don't really know boys now that I'm of a certain age. But once, there was this boy.... I dreamed of dating him, holding his hand, being wanted by him for a girlfriend. He was cute, and funny, and we went out once. It was enough.

8. Once, at a bar, I... 

sat at the girlfriend's table while our boyfriends played on stage. Three men, three women at the girlfriend's table. We went night after night to be with them, heard their songs so many times, ordered sparkle water or a glass of white wine, danced together, laughed a lot. The guys would come around during breaks and hang out with us. A moment in a life...

9. By noon, I’m ...

just getting started with my creative day.... after lunch I head to the studio to work

10. Last night I ...

probably wasted the evening watching 90 day fiance and love island. These days my thoughts and worries swirl, dance in my head, hold hands and swirl around. I find watching something truly mindless helps to change my focus. Last night I went to bed with a clean poodle... grooming day is demanding but rewarding, after his bath and haircut, we wash all the bedding. Last night it cooled off here, oh we still had the overriding smoke from so many fires but it wasn't hot for the first time in a long time. Last night I continued to read my good book on the kindle... I am so tired at night I can only read a few pages before it falls on my chest. Last night, like every night, I go to bed hoping the loud car boy returned to college so we wouldn't be awoken a 2 am when he comes back to his parent's home from his girlfriend's house, but no he is still there... I went to bed hoping his school isn't closed again. 

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  1. love your answers... ballet class was my epic nightmare... instead of swan lake it was more a swamp LOL

  2. Those TV shows are my guilty pleasures!

  3. Your high school years were amazing. Such great memories!

  4. Food Network and the Cooking Channel are my go-to, non-stressful TV watching. I can read a good book and keep an eye on what's cooking at the same time. Drives my poor husband nuts. :-)

    When I was 5 - my parents bought our first TV (black and white), and we got a dog. That dog was part of my family from kindergarten until mid senior year. Oh - and I got my first Barbie too. It was 1959 so you know what she looked like.

  5. Love that watercolor tree by the way and all your redness in scraps. I watch 90 day Fiancee sometimes at daughter's. I'm fascinated how the women have so much belief in love even when to us viewers at least, they are not making a good match. This was interesting to read your answers and of course, it makes you think of what your own answers would be.

  6. Do you still have that first Barbie. I sure wish I did because it was one of the first. That trip must have been fun! Looks like you had lots of fun in high school!

  7. I love your answer to #6! That is awesome! Loved your answers! Have a nice week.

  8. You do realize how much your family vacation sounds like the movie Vacation, right? LOL Good times and memories, I'm sure!

  9. What a family vacation that was! I love that you remember your first Barbie.

  10. Wow- what a great glimpse into your life! What a weird vacation. I wonder what the casino players were thinking. Lucky you- a ballet class. I liked high school because I finally came out of my shell. I was in dance drama, tennis, worked in the office and tp’d friends’ houses. Such fun. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  11. Enjoyed hearing about your life in high school and also your vacation.