Saturday, December 1, 2018

Post a day challenge... I'm in!

I've decided to join Cheryl Sleboda's challenge to write a post every day in December. I think it is a good way to reach out to others, express myself without the need to make each post so big, and to track the month. Right now there are about 25 others doing it too, see them at

If you are new to my blog, I write about living the creative life... I like to write, paint, quilt, bead, take photos, read, do puzzles, dance, walk with my dog, see new places, find the weird and unusual in life, and laugh.
If I can wrap my widdle bwain around it, I hope to write an ongoing story during this month.

I'm not a planner, not an outline maker, not a list writer, I'm more like a rolling snowball, gathering ideas as I go kind of person so let's see if I can make a fun story out of the challenge!

On Mondays and Thursdays I already have regular posts and that will continue.

Day 1
She woke after a fitful night of tossing and turning. The sun sneaked through the blinds to tap her on the shoulder and say, get up you're missing stuff. So she did.

Her joints sounded like Rice Crispies. She was met downstairs with the scent of strong coffee, the sounds of swing music on tv, and her puppy still in his jammies. The sun beat down on yesterday's snow that iced the neighborhood, and she hoped it would clear a walkway for her to get down the icy driveway for the morning walk.

It's the weekend, and she felt like the starting gun went off! Ready set have fun. They only did fun stuff two days a week when her husband was home from work. She felt the pressure to do something big on weekends, after all they had made this enormous move from East coast to the West, and the point is to experience life isn't it? And it was the Hap Hap Happiest time of the year, whether they felt it or not!

How does a person seek joy? Can one? Or is it a quiet little sneak up on you  feeling that jumps out from around a corner? A wisp of smoke one can't quite touch but knows it's there. Is it just an attitude one can conjure if they are adept at controlling their thoughts?

So, as the day stretched out like a sleepy cat, she knew she had to jump in without a lifeboat, or a list.
Maybe start with getting dressed?


Kelli Fannin said...

A rolling snowball of ideas..I love that! Looking fwd to reading more and blogging along with everyone this month! Have a great weekend!

Jeanna said...

As one with Rice Krispy knees I appreciate the joy of walking without the nuisance of stairs. I like that ethereal image of a wispy, smoking joy.

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
I'll be reading along!

Heather Pregger said...

Yay! I am fully confident that we both can do it!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Good luck with this latest challenge.

denthe said...

You have a lovely way of writing... ♥

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Not surprise we both find ourselves embracing JOY. I' looking forward to ready your series of posts. Have fun!