Saturday, December 15, 2018

31 days of posts outside ornaments

There are people who decorate inside their house, and people who decorate the yard with tasteful small one candle-per-window displays, but... it's the people who go all out with lights and crazy funny decorations that give me joy!

A lot of people in our neighborhood have inflatables, from grinches to nativity scenes, hissing and puffing all night, melted during the day.

There are a lot of people putting cute ornaments on outside threes too, that I just love to see.
It's so doggone windy here on the edge of the plains, I don't know why they don't blow away, but I sure love seeing them glinting in the sunlight. Or glistening in the lamps at night.

pretty ornaments too. Some are big, some small, but they dance in the breeze, and sparkle in the sun.
I like them
Every time I see them, and there are lots here. Also, in MD people wound lights on each branch of trees, but here they go around and around the tree, and it looks so pretty at night, the lights swirling in a spiral upwards. They also wind around trunks with a different color light.

I think Milo is unsure about all the new yard decorations... what must a dog think???
I think it's weird. For instance these guys... they look like dogs but are see through and very very still.
I mean, who told them STAY! and they did? There is no Mama to yell, I SAID STAY!

I give all the stuff a good sniff test. These smell like nothing much. poo

It's the ones mama calls Santa that really spook me though

I'm not gonna lie... this guy really scared me one night. Sitting there staring at me. First I growled. No response. Then I slowly step by step, approached him, keeping my back feet way back to pull me to safety should he spring into action. I mean, it ain't natural the way he sat. Then when I was brave I went right up to him, and sniffed, and slowly backed away.
Humans... who can figure them out?

This is the real hero, guarding his stuff while they slept...
on guard!
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  1. The big ornaments in the trees look great - an idea for next year. I can only imagine how those big blow-up lawn decorations must look to a dog or even to toddlers. There are lots of them around here too. I didn't put up our lights this year so I hope the grandkids are not disappointed next weekend.

  2. i saw something like that laying in someones yard yesterday as we drove by that made me think perhaps they were just setting up and ran out of wind. I am not a fan of inflatables deflated. I do love the lights that look like icicles dripping from the house, eves even in Florida!

  3. Those big arsed ornaments are my new favs. You know we took a tour of the neighborhoods last week and I have to say the decoration sitch was pathetic. There is one house I'll hunt for tmw though that has the scene in Christmas Vacation where the hillbilly cousin is emptying out his septic tank into the sewer. Wish me luck.

  4. Hi LeeAnna,

    We awoke to snow!
    Those must be strong decortations hanging in the tree! Great idea!

  5. Milo had to investigate the lawn decorations. If he's in charge of protecting you he needs to know what he's dealing with.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday, Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

  6. That big red guy freaks me out too.
    Your fur-iend,
    Sam 🐾