Saturday, December 22, 2018

31 posts in December another story

They almost went under.
She actually thought they might.

When the pink slip came, her husband came home dejected, almost in tears. They were already barely making it with no room for extras.

She saw Christmas coming with dread, after all how magical could she make it for little kids without presents? In days gone by, people gave less, maybe one heartfelt handmade gift, and they celebrated with friends, church, music, not lots of gifts.

Now, children watch TV and know what other kids have, and what they want, and don't understand how important it is to have a roof over your head and food to eat. She never expected to be in this boat.

Who was she? Was she strong enough to cope? Did she have a choice?
She decided she did have a choice, to keep going. Do her best. Tell her kids they loved them, but this was a difficult year, and that their gifts this year would be action. She was so lucky to be working for the season at the local department store, where she got a discount but her earnings would need to go for necessities.

They would give gifts of time and effort to each other and others this year. They sat down around the table, and discussed how they could show love by doing. A tear fell as she heard her 12 year old say she would sweep the sidewalks and porch of her favorite neighbor next door. Her 10 year old said he would tell everyone he saw for a whole day, that they were special... made more precious because he was so shy.

Her husband said he planned to offer to fix old Mr. Johnson's porch for him. She planned to help deliver gifts her quilting group made to the police station to give out to children involved in stressful situations.

Her daughter, came over to wipe the tear from her face, but she explained it was a happy tear, because they were still together in their home, and she loved them so much. Her husband reached out that night, to hold her hand, showing their kids how much he loved their mother.

It was a beautiful moment for them.

One never knows what will come, loss in some form, or happiness in another.

The morning after their meeting, her husband got a call from his old employer who said they needed to hire him back, that they needed his experience and found a way to pay him again. Would he please consider it?

The husband ended the call, and looked with wonder at his wife, slowly smiling he told her the news.
They both said a prayer of gratitude and felt this would be a truly joyous Christmas after all. One of hope. They had learned the true meaning of the season. 


  1. You've touched my heart deeply with your story. It speaks the spirit of Christmas big time. A Merry Christmas hug to you, LA.

  2. Oh, I just loved this story of the family, LeeAnna!! Lovely. . .