Monday, December 3, 2018

The week ahead # 12

Welcome to this week's Happy Homemaker post where we share our lives with others!
That quilt was made a year ago, the hexies put together by 60 Deg. diamonds into straight rows so it can be done on machine.

The Weather in Aurora CO 
It's cold... bone chilling! We put up a few lights this weekend with numb hands. It's so cold the icicle lights won't unfurl! High today around freezing with snow possible again. The snow from two weeks ago is still visible in more shady areas, ice on sidewalks too.
Right now the sun is shining though and it is misleading... you expect it to be warmer! I don't mind cold weather, I rather be cool than hot, but this wind! We're caught between prairie and mountains.

Our skinny white tree blew out most of it's lights when we set it up... the rest went a couple days later.
see all the gray ones?
Success! Headed to recycle at Lowes!

I painstakingly unwound each and EVERY branch, hitting these clips ever 5 branches
and though the pre lit fall into place in three sections won't be so easy to set up now, I put on these lights DH found on sale at Lowes... they say warm LED... lies...

Anyway.... it's lit now with white, and two strands of Flamingo lights.

Finally finished the book that should have taken two or three nights. I'd say it was a cute story, but the author needs to work on writing dialogue.
"wow" she said
Now I move on to the next teahouse mystery set in Charleston (love) and the illusive book for my art quilt group.

I ordered if from the library, the page said Successful! (no book) asked library employee to order for me, successful! (she looked at me like I was a loser) no book. I called yet another employee who said, yeah that happens, they might decide not to send it for any reason! She ordered it and wait for it.... Success! Here it is.
(I've kind of lost my desire to read it now)

go to Friday's post to see the precious fabrics better
Happily sitting in front of the TV sewing Hexie's together by hand. Fun Christmas prints (see details in this post)
I'm sewing them together in diagonal rows of 5, then will sew the whole row to the one before it.

No it's not tedious if you love doing it.
make some felt ornaments

on youtube, there is a three show sequel to Victorian Farm called Victorian Farm Christmas.

I am fascinated! It's as good or better than the first show. These three became quite famous in England, I'm told, and I find them infinitely likeable! I'll tell you other homemakers, I love the fact that I don't have to make my own soap and butter! And mince pies with beef fat sound icky to me!
It's worth a watch!

I'm watching plenty of drivel too... hallmark movies, Survivor, and when it starts I'll be seeing Bachelor. I don't like him, he's too immature... not ripe yet and will waste the time of all those vying for his attention. Tears will be shed. I'll be watching making snarky comments to no one, as my husband will NOT be watching.
change out the everyday dishes to the Christmas dishes and cutlery. I love them! 
read that quilt book, 
write out Christmas cards including addresses and stamps... and mail them. 
Set up lunch with a potential new friend. 
Call someone to inspect the fireplace which smells so bad I get sinus migraines. 
dishes  always dishes
Sew more worry less 
figure out what to get my husband for Christmas... omgosh.... no that's impossible

lounge around watching stupid TV eating Bon-Bons and petting the poodle

fine dining of a variety of Christmas cookies!

I'm doing the 31 days of posts hosted by Cheryl Sleboda at
She challenged a group of us to write each day. I thought I'd do a little story in episodes each day

Day 3  the story continues...
I know Joy, he thought! Poor Mama, if only she spoke Poodlish as well as I understand human. I'd tell her Joy is sleeping in the big bed after months of being in one's crate at night! Snuggling up to my peeps is a big joy.

Chasing critters is joyful. Eating snow on walks is fun although I tend to barf after... on second thought cross that out. Getting to lick the ice cream bowls is a big joy. Seeing Daddy come in the door at the end of work makes me way happy, and playing got your foot with Mama makes me delirious! I also love being petted, I'll stand for hours pressing into her for that joy.
I feel so much joy when it's time to finally get my alligator chew each night! Whew! (I always worry a little in case they ran out)
Seeing my bestie friends and getting to run hard is really, REALLLLy joyful. Mama should find more friends so she can feel that too.

Knowing I'm safe with both my peeps is very comforting... even if I have to just stay in the car or watch Mama sew, it's all good. I'm a pretty happy boy, and it's easy.

The small things are really the big things when it comes to Joy, Mama.
Mama? I love you lots!

Go South for Pity's sake! Now! Stop scaring me!
No worries except for those geese.

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easyweimaraner said...

the light chain would be a job for me LOL (no not really hahahaha) we get a chew thingy too before we jump in our bed... it's a toothbrush a hedgehod or a gator and currently just a chewing stick... that is a nice ritual, therefore we go to bed two or three times every evening ,O)))

Shellie Almond said...

Oh my we went through that with our tree this year! So I understand how time consuming that was! Wow Its cold where you are, I am almost thankful for our warm weather now! I will have to check out the Victorian show it sounds really interesting! Thank you for sharing your wonderful week! I cant wait to stop by again! Hope you have a blessed week!

Jean said...

Those might be year-round geese, don't worry too much if they don't leave. We have plenty of year-round Canada geese in these parts. What a fun idea to change over to Christmas plates...pondering new way to torture kids and husband for a moment. (They aren't exactly "into" all the Christmas decor). Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

threesidesofcrazy said...

Sorry about your tree lights - what a pain! Hubby won't do prelit trees for that reason :( LOVE your hexies. I do the same size for Christmas tree quilts. Stay warm and have a GREAT week.

Luludou said...

I hate when tree lights don't work! we changed all ours 2 years ago. Lovely picture of the entryway quilt and the other Christmas one you are making. Have a great week

Sandee said...

Freezing to get the lights up outside isn't fun. Then when your prelit tree lights don't work that's even worse.

Milo is a lucky pup indeed and he knows it.

Have a woof woof Awww Monday, Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

Heather Pregger said...

Oh no. Christmas Cards! I both love them and hate them. I need to get to work!

MissPat said...

Milo has the right idea. Find joy in everyday simple things and don't sweat the small stuff (except those geese, which aren't so small). I have a table top tree that is 2 feet tall and it has a string of maybe 15 or 20 bulbs which didn't light up this year. I can't find any light strings with that few bulbs. So my tree may remain unlit this year. I started a new table runner today. Hopefully I will actually finish it before Christmas.

LA Paylor said...

Pat and others... Macy's is selling the coolest small battery operated lights on wires. You can set them for four hours on, then they will automatically come on each day at the same time. I put them on my mantel but you can put them on the small tree. We got them for $7 this weekend.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Christmas cookies...that's a food group this time of year, right? Your home is looking very festive. I'm still in bah humbug mode but trying to get in the mood. 😁Maybe a trip to IKEA will improve my mood. Care to hit Sweden soon?

Angie said...

I admire you for all you do, and now taking on the one post a day challenge. It's the most I can do for one or two a week, but I suppose they are kinda long. Maybe I should take a page from your book and eat bon bons while petting a poodle ...

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Christmas lights are a real bane, going when least wanted or expected–seemingly when not being used? Anyways, we love your quilt work and our mother did too and spent many happy hours making them that way. Fortunately we do not have to make our own soap, though you never know that time may yet come again. We love Milo, he sure is one handsome and lucky guy who really does love his mom and dad... and treats ;) Keep up your writing challenge, I did for 3 months and ended up with 55,000 words and a book to publish. MOL

M Dawson said...

We just don't get that cold here! New Zealand is temperate and it rarely freezes where we are.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your quilt looks pretty. Christmas tree lights can be a real pain. I added an extra set onto my pre-lit tree. It is always nice to see your cute Milo. Cute caption for the geese. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!