Sunday, December 23, 2018

31 days of posts Sunday's Stories

The word prompt for today's story comes from Sunday's Whirligig

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Christmas Trees" by Robert Frost: foliage, coats, city, look, spires, balsams, bare, refuse, cut, boughs, Christmas, letter


He loved trees!
At Christmas, he wanted a real tree but was conflicted a bit because of chopping down a live thing.

"you'd better find peace with this, as we need a tree in the house to hold all these ornaments we collected over the last 35 years!" his wife told him.

"yep, you're right dear" he replied, having learned something over 35 years of marriage!

"Will we go to the tree farm and cut one ourselves this year, say a nice big Balsam?" Mona asked? "or shall we take a little drive into the city, find a cute decorated stand with ones that can be bundled up for the top of the car? I'd like some garland too, made from boughs. And maybe a Poinsettia, the foliage is so pretty!"

"Hmmmm, well, if they are already cut, there's no hope for them anyway, it will be like adopting a little shelter cat" Sam said, adding " we could do that too! I'd love a cat to climb up our tree wouldn't you? It's been too long!"
"Look here, you... I've got enough on my plate right now, and if we go by the shelter, I'll never be able to resist another cat. I refuse to be overwhelmed any more than I am already!"

They pulled on their coats, he grabbed the old letter jacket from high school found when they rummuged through the attic for ornaments, and she laughed! "Hon, you are much more handsome now than in high school, much MORE of a man now!" she joked. He shrugged, put down the old jacket, pulled on a more sensible down coat, and headed for the car.

Yep, a lot of time had passed since high school, where he met the love of his life. They still had lots of fun together, teased each other, happy to be together still. He liked all the colors and smells of Christmas, loved living trees, but was reluctant to give up the smell and ritual of a real tree in the house. It was worth all the hassle, it was tradition.

He drove along back roads into the little town, seeing church spires that meant they were almost downtown. He loved the town's old decorations on lamp posts, across the main street. He liked seeing colorful lights, and people walking around with store carrier bags in hand. A tiny flurry of snow began, making it even prettier.

Mona peeked at her husband as he drove. She liked that look on his face.
"we'll get the prettiest tree, you'll see. It will fill up that bare corner in the Family room and smell great!" He smiled. They went through this each year. He was content. And very happy.
"yep, you're right dear!" and smiled at her. 



  1. This kind of exchange is what makes the holiday season special--the bantering, the remembering, the doing things together... the smiles in the end.

  2. Falling in love is easy, but it takes work to keep up a loving relationship long term.

  3. What a delightful narrative LeeAnna.

  4. That's a sweet story, funny I watched something a little like this on Drunk History last night (:
    Merry Christmas to you and the family, a big kiss to Milo.