Monday, December 10, 2018

the week ahead #13

The weather in Aurora CO
warmer, and sunny this week til Thur when it may snow again. Glad to see the sun!
Good Poodle Grooming weather!

I know I should stop eating fat, and carbs and only eat vegan food, but I can't do it without a lot of sacrifice and the holidays with all their demands to be jolly and hap-hap-happiest are not the time for me to feel deprived. I'm having what tastes good, what is easy to make, what feels comfortable.
And cookies.

DH got me the Jacquie Lawson Advent calendar on line, and it's an interactive daily fun romp.
I can decorate trees, cookies, cut snowflakes online, play games, watch videos, read about traditions in Scotland... Love going there each day.

The great American Baking show is  on Thursdays for the month and it's as good as the British version with one of the British judges.

I am fully into Survivor but I am a bit tired of Hallmark Christmas movies. It didn't help that they were on in July, then again before Halloween. It's just overdone. I looked forward to them more when they were once a week.

We found out Brokenwood's new season is available on ACORN so we are enjoying those. We finished the recent season of Murdoch, and no new Midsomer Murders yet, but we are in the recent season still of Striking Out (Female Lawyer in Dublin) and 800 words (Journalist moves to quirky island in NZ)

Enjoying the latest Teahouse mystery now. Glad it's in paperback so it's lighter to hold at night.

Achieved a goal... all Christmas cards mailed around the globe! I survived the Post Office! Yea! 
There was only one meltdown... one woman wanted the package she got notice of... rightly so. She started loudly complaining that the first employee was rude to her. 

The second one handled himself wonderfully... just stayed to the facts, that she needed authorization to pick up mail (she was renting and didn't have it) but she escalated and unfortunately the first "rude" employee was loudly being passive aggressive, saying to the whole room how she was in the right and she had witnesses and yadda yadda. 

I say, if she was in the right, she should have said nothing to make the customer more upset... just let the second employee handle it. The defensive posture and loud nasty comments kind of proved she was indeed rude. 

As another customer, I didn't need or want to hear the argument and the first employee's unnecessary loud comments, right as she may have been, served to make every one of 50 onlookers uncomfortable. 

Sheesh! as if the Post office wasn't tense enough! 
Writing Fiction
I'm writing a lot more fiction for the 31 days of posts in December. I hope you like them, they are all about Joy. If you have an idea/prompt for a story please let me know. It's my job as a writer to come up with the stories but I love a collaboration. Thanks to those of you reading them, I love reading the words as my fingers type them out! 

Listening to
I found my CD's with unusual Christmas songs and am jollying along my old stereo (with space for 5 cd/s to randomly play). I think I enjoy the cowboy (not country) group the most! Next the jazzy one. I like them all though, the more unique the better.

To Do
finish decorating the tree and the poodle. We started the arduous task of grooming Milo, who sees the whole exercise as a waste of time! I did a lot yesterday but there are always touch up scissor snips needed, and nail trimming, etc. It takes a few days. 
I'd love to make some soup this week. And find some supplies so my friend Mary and I can make icicle ornaments with beads, and fabric stars on Friday. Got to go to the chiro on Tues... 
Try to get the snowman banner to stick in the frozen ground and put new lights around the old burnt out tree for the back yard. This time... no unwrapping, just putting new ones over the whole kaboodle.

I am slowly hand stitching my hexies, look how cute this section is (top of post)! And I'm using some holiday fabrics in 2.5" strips and Bonnie Hunter's scrappy Bargello pattern to make something. I want to try the technique.

I've been collecting the paper piecing patterns (free each day only) from
Haven't made them yet, but I've made others from her and they are fun!

What I learned this week
From putting up the new artificial tree, I learned there are "no bit players"

I am in process of fluffing out the branches, to fill in gaps and look fuller. I learned I need to also fluff the ones sort of behind the tree in the back corner, because you may not notice them, but they cause the whole tree to look fuller.

When I did musical theater in Florida, I was always in the chorus. I sang and danced, a "filler" sort of to support the stars. I would have a few lines, a few solos, but was mainly support staff.

When I make quilts, fabrics are the same way. There are "stars" the fabrics you notice, and support staff to make the stars shine.

When I cook, I almost always use onions and garlic in some amount, to fill in flavor profiles. Salt is like that.

It occurred to me it's the same with people... in real life there are moments when you are the star, and more times when you're the support player. We are quite important either way. Each of us plays a part in the moment. Isn't it difficult to be around people who always, ALWAYS expect to be the star? It's tiring to have to constantly tell them they're the "greatest".  We all play a part.
In each moment.

Support staff is VERY important, maybe more important than the stars although we don't get as much attention.

I want to be aware of these supporting elements in life, to respect and thank them for their support.

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  1. maybe I should look for my christmas cds too to come into the mood... just a little bit....

  2. I'm not sure where I put my Christmas CDs. They were in my office because I had a small CD player. But since retiring from that job and moving my office home, I have no idea what box the player or the CDs are in. HMMMM - now you have me thinking about them. I tend to watch the Hallmark movies if I'm sewing. Have a good week and enjoy that sunshine!

  3. I'm going to get my Christmas CDs out today and play them. We didn't do that last year, but we're going to do that this year. Thank you for reminding me.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  4. Looks like a wonderful week ahead! Enjoy it, cookies and all!

  5. Love the Christmas yo-yos! My grandmother used to make pretty yo-yo table toppers and such and they were so lovely! I might have to try my hand at making some from scraps. Thanks for the idea! And, nice post! Enjoyed reading it! Blessings for a great week ahead! <3

  6. I remembered today to check in on you (still no posts by email). I love your little stories and yes, I noticed the theme was Joy. I found some little lights (battery operated) at Joann's today. Need to get them on the table top tree. And I need to sandwich and quilt a Christmas table runner I started last week (squirrel).

  7. Your posts are always fun to read. Never heard jingle bells sung that way, it is different!

  8. Holidays are tough time to eat any certain way. Vegan's tough any time of the year. Enjoy your cookies! What channel has the American baking show? Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  9. That's a busy week. I read a good mystery set in Newfoundland by a Canadian author, Darkest Before the Dawn. It's part of a series following an RCMP officer in the small town of Grand Bank and how he solves crimes with the help of friends and family. - Margy

  10. sounds like you have been busy in a good way. I discovered the same thing as you when putting up artificial trees, especially ones. I do love the way your hexagon quilt is looking.

  11. I like your analogy of stars/support staff for sewing projects and humans. Situations I find annoying are when two stars vie for attention from the same support staff. So junior high.
    Your hexagon prints are cute. The stories you can weave from them alone.
    I was disappointed that Christian was voted off last week. Hope he comes back on another season. If he couldn't have it, then I hope Davey wins Survivor. We shall see.