Wednesday, December 26, 2018

31 days of posts Our little trip into the city

As I mentioned, we went into Denver on Friday, to go to the Christmas market.
I think the sun shining on the building , with reflections is an artsy shot... worthy of inspiration for a painting or quilt!
the day was cold and windy, very dusty, and it was a bustling weekday for most.
Not we three who had just started our plant shutdown for the holidays.
one of the painted cows downtown

We haven't figured this out yet! To me it's a scary trip each time. The roads are not great leading to town, but the views of mountains behind the city are really stunning.
it reminds me a little of Boston, viewing older buildings through new high-rise ones. We walked down the 16 street mall to the Brown Palace, to see one of the first grand buildings here. The developer was brilliant. He bought land early, donated a section right in the center of it for city/then state, capital buildings. That done, he set himself up to develop the areas around it for officials and visitors! Hotels, restaurants, shopping. Smart guy. Not related to unsinkable Molly Brown.
Isn't this pretty? From the walkway between the main hotel and more rooms.
I wish the color came out better in this atrium shot. A lot of original buildings made use of the bright sun here, to light the inside of their homes and offices.
this hotel was featured in a movie (Our Souls at Night on Netflix) we just saw with Redford and Fonda together again, older but still gorgeous. Those layers are beautifully carved balconies, the chandelier twinkled brightly, Debutantes danced under the lights preparing to "come out" the next night...
what are they doing? I want to play too!
while people watched from the gallery seats
how grand! And it must have really been grand in 1891.
going up? Enjoy the wall murals!
or stairs
beautiful carvings and papers, polished wood and marble. Inspiration for art, right?

Loved the way the lights on each alcove created pretty shadows. Sparkling. Detailed. Genteel.
wallpaper flocked with gold, harkening back to a time when details mattered!
Details and beauty still matter to me.
The fact that the employees welcomed Milo was a big plus too.
I am glad we got to see the hotel, but have been reluctant to go back into City center. We drove past the capital, the botanic garden and art gallery buildings, and commented we enjoy the small neighborhoods and parks that make up Denver more, once you're away from the center of town.

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  1. I love old architecture like that. So many pretty details.

  2. What a beautiful place! I'll have to see it next time we go to Colorado!

  3. How fun. Wish I could go see that for real.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

  4. You shot some beautiful photos. I haven't been to Denver in about 5 years. My last trip there was for some training for work and we didn't see much of downtown.

  5. The Brown is really a Denver treasure. My parents honeymooned there. I know what you mean about downtown being scary. Happy New Year, LA, so happy I met you and your family this year. Hugs, Sharon

  6. I had high tea at the Brown Palace four years ago. Spectacular place and the tea was divine. Fortunately we were in a group and had a bus to take us into town.

  7. You certainly have the knack to take outstanding and interesting pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for sharing your outing photos with Pictorial Tuesday. Enjoy seeing other parts of the country since I don't travel. Merry Christmas

  9. I love the photo through the wreath. Navigating a big city can be challenging and downright scary at times, but it appears you had a great trip!!

  10. Great Denver views and what an astonishing hotel! Happy weekend.

  11. The Brown Palace Hotel is a fabulous landmark in downtown. I keep saying I want to do their High Tea experience sometime but never seem to make the necessary reservation. *Sigh*

  12. I graduated from Denver East High School many years ago, so I'm well acquainted with the old May D&F Tower. Thanks for the memories...and Happy New Year!