Saturday, August 31, 2013

ring of joy

" ring of joy"(c) LAPaylor 2013

detail ring of joy
No secret here, I love a hexagon. I wanted to make a little yellow happy quilt, then thought how fun it would be to add a stand out smaller ring of flowers. My thought is to hand quilt the base with swirls and thicker thread. Then add the ring of flowers.
Every so often, I like to take a traditional idea and tweak it to suit me. I find hexagons to be endlessly artistic building blocks. I never tire of them.

If I were a quilt block I'd be a hexagon, many sided, very flexible, able to join others but a bit challenging.
What about you all, what block would you be?


  1. Oh I absolutely love this quilt!!!! I LOVE the bold color against the yellow/creams and the variety of hexagon sizes used.

    Val from