Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gardens and Big Birthdays

Five Paylors -- the Italian Fountain Display
 My husband's father, John  had a big birthday on Saturday. He invited the immediate family to celebrate with him at Longwood Gardens in PA.We walked around the beautiful gardens and watched a water/music show. We saw some awesome topiaries and some really odd flowers.
 I've seen this flower before but never the seed pod.
How colorful and shiny and round it was in person!
The artist in my wants to paint it, and the family would have had to put up with that if I'd remembered to bring my sketch pad and paints!
I didn't remember to bring my camera, me a blogger without a camera! These photos are courtesy of Drew's brother Stephen's lovely friend Debbie.

The other outstanding plants included enormous elephant ears taller than me, purple double trumpet flowers, hydrangeas called Pinky-Winky  and a water lily display with pads 7 feet across. Did you know they have spikes along the underside of the lilypads to discourage fish bites? They were awesome after dark, spotlights on them with raindrops creating surrounding radiating circles.

We looked around the gardens, with thousands of other visitors, then enjoyed an evening dinner they called a barbecue. It was elegant outdoor dining, without bugs, and with personally designed ice cream desserts. The big show came next with colorfully lit fountains, music and fireworks. The impending rain and humidity made it even more intense as the fireworks dropped their ash right on our heads! The brilliant colors and unusual types of fireworks were outstanding! What a way to celebrate a new year of life! Hope this is your most important year yet with many more to come, John.
I'd like to end with the quote along the side of my blog, as it seems birthday worthy. Love LeeAnna

I am the sum of my history along with all the possibilities of tomorrow, 
 and define myself daily by decisions I make. 
Every day is an opportunity to create, seek joy and display strength.
(c-2013 LA Paylor

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  1. Wow! Looks gorgeous there, a beautiful setting for a birthday. Hope he enjoyed his birthday��