Wednesday, August 14, 2013

fabric organization, one aspect

fabric drawers, select a color

detail of fabric selection
Want a glimpse into my fabric system? I keep most large pieces in these drawers by color. There are other collections in other drawers, such as "flamingo" or "cows" but this is the best system I have found for me.
I work by color mostly. If I want a yellow, I pull the drawer and take it to the cutting table. If I want a batik yellow, I pull that drawer. There are an equal number of drawers on the other side of the closet.

I've been collecting fabric for 30 plus years. I come from a long line of fabric hoarders although they were for clothing.

Every time I dig through the fabric drawer, the question hangs there... "Is this project fabric worthy?
Will I use the best or something else because it's not a vital work of art. Will the project at hand turn out really good, so I'll wish I used the best fabric or will it just be okay and I should use the okay fabric. OMG!

Only the true fabric hoarders among you can relate to that. I can FEEL my friend Mary's eyes rolling while reading the my questions.
I have so much fabric, and friends, this is the tip of the iceberg! There are other drawers, and the scrap bins shown earlier, and there is a hidden pile in the studio that needs putting away if I can squeeze it back in. I could cut and sew willy-nilly from now til the cows (in my collection) come home and not use it up. Doesn't matter... once a fabric goes out of print, it's now 'special'  so I weigh the possibilities. Plus, truth be told, it's fun to dig through and see it all again and again.

You know what? Most of the time I just LOVE my fabric so much, I simply don't care if anyone thinks it's excessive, grinning ear to ear! Can you relate?


  1. Oh, you are funny! I did not roll my eyes! At least you consider making something with your fabric and often do; my sweet SIL never makes anything, just has it to stroke. It's a harmless pleasure!

    1. I do use the fabric and it doesn't seem to matter how much I use, the drawer stays full. The fabric breathes and stretched to fit

  2. Even though I am fairly new to this.... I can totally relate to getting so attached to many of my fabrics. So hard to cut into a yard of fabric that I'm in love with. When I used the last of my mini clouds fabric that I love to use on my beachy quilts.... It was a sad moment!

    1. Oh, the perfect fabric. Yep, I've had a few perfect fabrics that found their way into several quilts.

      Good luck finding another sky fabric just as good. It takes diligence to shop enough to keep in stock of favorites!