Saturday, August 10, 2013

one reason I love ukeleles

this is one reason I love ukelele.
 DH gave me one for Christmas and I was playing every day. Playing and singing and learning and staving off dementia. Then I started to have shoulder issues and took some time off.
 I can't explain why  but I loved learning chords and strumming and picking notes out and playing it so much that it's been a major loss. I think I'll have to get a strap to lower and suspend it so I can not stress my arms trying to reach across the chest area...  I'm a traditionally shaped Hawaiian woman.
Well, I am not Hawaiian but I always liked Mma Ramotswe a character  in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency saying that she was traditionally built, meaning in today's usage curvy. So I might be too "traditionally built" to stretch my little dinosaur arms around me AND the uke comfortably, and strum.
I decided tonight I have to put my creative powers to the task of discovering a way for me to play again.
What do you need to learn?

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