Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Details, details

everybody's happy here!
 I started to design a sampler quilt of LP images toward the end of the week. I took a few pics to remember what to put in it.

There is a lot of stone work, and stones are very costly here in MD. Still I want to make a border with flowers and rocks next to our sidewalk. I want to have a home that reminds me of a lake house.
yep, get's cold here
The details like special fences, green woodwork windows, artisan doors, flowers everywhere.

I always leave with a sliver of birch bark but none was laying around this time.
Still I took pictures with my phone, my camera and my mind. It's still with me.

Bye bye Lake Placid

On our way home we stopped again in Saratoga Springs for a long walk, then on to Woodstock NY. Yes, that Woodstock. It is so much fun to walk around and absorb the energy and well, let's be honest, shop. I want so many of the stylish clothes but they are still pretty costly. I try to find one piece on sale each year and this was the year of the uneven hemmed skirt. There was a stop at Log Cabin quilt shop, where I'd have been happy to have some of everything in the store!   Cole provided petting therapy for the owner who lost her pet that morning. A connection was made again... connections are everywhere...

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  1. I've been enjoying your photos. I keep meaning to tell you that I saw your email on the list about getting your prize. SO glad it all got there in one piece. Hope Cole enjoys Ziva's gift. :D