Friday, August 16, 2013

good fortune wishes

"Good Fortune"    (c) 2009 LAPaylor
Wanted to wish you all good fortune today.
This little piece was made from a monoprint.  A group of us got together with our trays of solid gelatin, painted and stamped and drizzled and inked them. We  then placed a piece of fabric over it to pick up the applied color.
I am not sold on the need for this. I think I prefer direct application.
 The thing is, living the creative life means constantly thinking ...
"What if..."
This leads to experimentation, which often leads to wonderful art. When it doesn't, the artist can choose to destroy the evidence, make the best of it, or keep adding to it. I usually think more is better.

With this monoprint, I felt it was too indistinct for my tastes so  I embroidered the dragonfly by hand with thick thread and beads. I added in other beads. I added in wire. I added in a phrase put on with beads. I faced the whole thing and added a decorative trim. I suspend it from a tree branch here at home. Then, the icing on the cake was a metal dragonfly given me by my friend Mary Ison HER BLOG IS HERE
The whole thing is less than eight inches square.
The important thing is now I like it and it got finished.
what are you playing with today?


  1. I've never heard of a monoprint, but it's beautiful. Congrats on a finish.

  2. This is really lovely. I especially like the undulating edge shape of the whole piece, I think it fits the design nicely!

  3. Leanna, that is so pretty! I really like the embellishments you added. Whoop whoop!!