Thursday, August 8, 2013

portfolio/ small design wall

beach cat portfolio, back view

The portfolio is made to carry blocks or work in progress and has flannel insides to hold everything. It is about 20 in square folded up, and can be opened flat.  It has a handle and two velcro straps.

 I use it to transport hexagons arranged to be hand pieced later.
I also use it to hold block components to be pieced at the sewing machine.

 You open it up and bend the closure flap under forming  a base, like a teepee.It sort of looks inside out. Then you have two  flannel surfaced design walls to sit on a table.

front view closed and ready to go
I can't attribute the pattern, as a friend showed me how to do it years ago. 
The cat image is from Patrick Lose designs.

This is one of the handiest little carriers  in my troupe of carriers. I have designed and made patterns for two other carriers, plus three tote bags and a doggie leash bag holder. Maybe I should market them??


  1. What a great idea! Love to have one.
    I like the funny design with your fabrics. What a great finish!
    For me this is the finish of this week!

  2. oh that makes me happy! Thanks so much!! LeeAnna

  3. I love that fabric. I have some versions of it in my stash somewhere. What a clever tote! I wish I had had one when I did my hexagon quilt. There were several times when it 'rained' hexies all over during a tail wind from the dog, or a pounce from a cat!

    I needed another project. (head-desk) lol

    1. Oh Sherri, you always need another project! Ha! However many you have, bet I have more sitting around waiting to be done.

  4. What a great idea! It would be good for appliqué in progress work. what's the doggie leash bag like?

  5. What a great idea! I like the attitude of the cat there, too.

  6. Thanks for posting the photos of your cat portfolio. t will be great to refer to. I finally finished my center. I was trying to do some hand embroidery that didn't look too well so (of course) it with beads!