Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Waking up is a pleasure

looking toward our hotel
 Waking up is a pleasure on vacation in Lake Placid, not only because coffee is involved, but you can open the balcony door to fresh cool air, a lake view and coffee. It was so peaceful til a family with toddlers moved in to the ground floor directly beneath us. Let's just say over the course of the week, we heard the toddlers names a meeelion times, " Albert, you breathe air, so smart!. Victor throw the ball, good boy!"
I've never quite seen such an obsessed extended family, 5 rooms of adults doting on two crying boys.

But I digress...
 We had a ritual for the days. Balcony and coffee. Walk around the lake for me while Drew and Cole check out the dog channel, which we called sitting on the hill watching people walk around the lake.

Meet up at the public beach for a swim and fetch session. Cole hasn't been able to walk distance since recovering from Rocky Mt spotted fever two years ago. He does love splashing around in the cold water and fetching his floating toy.

 Tons of people kayaking, dogs cavorting, sunbathing here. I love to hear people's stories so I chat. There was a 86 year old who took up distance swimming two years ago and competed the day before. She swam without a wetsuit, but DH wore his. He runs but swimming is much more physically demanding so he tried to swim and run most days.
I'm proud of the endurance built up over the short time.
The three of us love shopping in this book store and left with some treasures. I got an artist pad, a book of what I would have learned in art school, a quilt book, and a new pen. Drew got a special pencil. Cole got petted and made over.

everyone loves a book store
sunbathing a daily occurance
After a walk, we set up by the lake when DH swims and Cole and I sunbathe and read old magazines. Junk magazines with no redeeming value. yum! We all got tan because there is so little air pollution. We ate lunch down by the lake, then when the sun went behind the hotel we moved on to the next activity.
Amanda Evora
I go to the Olympic ice rinks and watch awesome skating for a couple hours.
Usually it's teenager/ adults taking classes with world class coaches. This time I had two brushes with greatness, as Paul Wylie, Olympic winner and current coach asked me if I was a mother of a student, and Evelyn Kramer spin coach to Michele Kwan chatted to me about poodles. She also has a standard back home in CA.
This time I loved watching the skyliners, a group of precision skaters like the rockettes. They do intricate moves, in and out of lines. It really appealed to the artist in me.

The last day I watched all the skaters doing final rehearsals for the show. I got to see all the adults in costume, and cried watching other overweight older women following their passions. It told me it's never too late to learn, to try a new skill, and to put yourself out there. Skate like no one is judging you! I also saw Amanda Evora Olympic pairs skater, my apologies as I can't find the partner's name. Then, the hunk, Ryan Bradley skated out on the ice. It's just mind stopping seeing a 6 foot tall athlete leave the ground and spin around three times in the air, land and immediately do it again. Stunning. The teens sitting near me in the stands waiting to rehearse the finale all did a collective sigh with me.
I find it more interesting to see a dress rehearsal than the real show...  I have a theater background, and am no stranger to choreography as I spent 10 plus years dancing in shows but it's been years and injuries since I've had to learn instant routines. It was fun to watch the process again.
After I drag myself out leave the arenas, I shop for a while, then head back to the balcony to meet up with the men of my life.
bad self pic but good wine moment
 We spend some good quality late afternoon time listening to loons, watching the setting sun, drinking wine reading to each other and I do a bit of hand sewing. After this interlude I walk the 3 mile path again, Drew and Cole meet me at the beach for another dip, and we order dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants.
Another perfect day at Lake Placid, where the air is clean and cool, the water clean and cold, and the wine clear, cold and delicious.
Missed you all, wish you could have been there.

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